Graduation Day Icebreakers

You likely know someone graduating from high school or college this month or next. Perhaps, even, they’re in your small group! Here are some fun icebreakers you could use in your group to celebrate those graduates and their many accomplishments.


Tell Me

Even the quietest people like to tell their stories. All they need is genuinely interested listeners. So print these three sentence starters to give group members opportunity to hear one another. Invite them to gather in trios to hear:

  1. A graduate I know this graduation season is…
  2. A way we’ll celebrate this graduate is…
  3. One extra thing I might do to help this graduate feel important is…

Celebrate Me

A quick way to get dozens of ideas for celebrating graduates is to get out your Scattergories® game and use these categories:

  • A gift to give a graduate
  • A phrase to say to a graduate
  • An action that lets a graduate realize s/he truly is valuable

Because one goal of this game is to generate ideas no one else has written, your group will end up with a long list. Then every member can find, on that list, actions that match the graduate(s) in their lives.

You’re Like Me

During May and June nearly everyone in your group:

  • is about to graduate;
  • is the sibling, cousin, parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of a graduate;
  • will send a graduation gift, or
  • will attend a graduation.

So call out these categories one at a time and prompt group members to cluster if they are part of this group. Let the remaining group members applaud that cluster. Repeat.

Show You Like Me

Give each group member a bag of five M&M’s®  in a single color. Challenge them to turn their candies into five different colors in this way:

Find someone with a candy color different from yours. Each of you tell a way you’ve made graduation sweet for someone (sent a letter of blessing, hosted a party, affirmed that graduate’s character, and so on). Exchange one of your candies.

Repeat three more times until you have candy in five colors.

When all finish debrief with:

* Which of the ideas for celebration do you think you might try, and why?

* Which idea had you never heard before?

* Which was one you had heard of before, but are glad to be reminded of it?

Engage Me Every Week

Though graduates don’t mind a card and a check, we Christians are uniquely qualified to also show God’s love to them. Icebreakers can help us generate ideas for doing so.

Whether it’s graduation weekend or not, there is amazing power in a great question. You’ll find in each session of Bible Studies for Life an icebreaker question for group members to engage each other and the theme for discussion. It will be the first question of each and every Bible study session.

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