Grades 1-6: Winter 2013-14: Unit 2: Session 4: Who Wrote the Bible (2/9/14)

Scripture: Jeremiah 36

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Ring Toss

  • Use three chenille stems to make a ring. Make several rings.
  • On plastic cups or drink bottles, print the Life Verse; print one or two words per cup or bottle. Arrange the cups so words can be read.
  • Tape a toss line a few feet from the cups.

Guide kids to take turns tossing the rings, trying to ring the cups. After kids have each had a couple of tosses, read the words to them. Say the Life Verse and tell the kids to toss the rings on the words in order. Tell the kids that they will be learning about the Bible and people who wrote the words in the Bible.

Live It Out – T-Chart

Talk about the Life Point and the Bible story. Encourage kids to think about how Jeremiah knew what to write. Tell kids that the Holy Spirit inspired all the words that are written in the Bible and that they Bible tells about God’s plan.

Draw a line down the middle of a large piece of paper. On one side of the paper, print What’s in the Bible? On the other side print What can we learn from the Bible? Read the questions to the kids. Encourage them to tell you what’s in the Bible. They may name Bible books, Bible people, events, and Bible verses. List their ideas on the chart. Encourage kids to name what they learn from the Bible. Tell kids that they can know about God’s plan through the Bible. The Holy Spirit inspired people to write the words we read in the Bible.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Cross Out

Make a copy of the following chart for each child.

A                     B                     C                     D

1          THE                GENESIS       EXODUS        ROMANS

2          SEEKING       LOVING         BIBLE             MISSOURI

3          THINKING    WAS               GIRAFFE       TEXAS

4          KITTEN          CRYING         ZEBRA           INSPIRED

5          TABLE            BY                   BED                CHAIR

6          THE                SEEING          HOLY             COLORADO

7          JUMPING      HORSE           KITTEN          KANSAS

8          MATTHEW    SINGING       SPIRIT            PSALMS

Distribute chart copies and pencils. Lead the boys and girls to listen carefully and follow these instructions as you read them aloud:

Cross out the Bible book names in Rows 1 and 8.

Cross out the names of states in Column D.

Cross out all animal names.

Cross out the words that end in ing in Columns A and B.

Cross out the furniture in Row 5.

Ask a volunteer to read the words that are left: The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Tell preteens you will learn more about the Bible today.

Live It Out – Scroll Writing

  • Gather manila paper, black tempera paint in small cups, and bamboo reed pens. (You can use orange sticks or wooden skewers instead of bamboo pens.)

Talk about the Bible story. Talk about the role of a scribe in Bible times. Many people did not write so a scribe would write words for others. That’s the job of Baruch. Jeremiah told Baruch what to write but God told Jeremiah what to write. God through the Holy Spirit inspired all the words in the Bible.

Guide preteens to dip reed pens into the paint and write the words of the Life Verse onto manila paper. As they work, encourage them to talk about things they have learned from the Bible. When they finish their verses, they can gently blow to dry the paint and roll up the paper like a scroll. Provide string to tie the scrolls closed.



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