Grades 1-6: Winter 2013-14: Unit 2: Session 2: Who Is God? (1/26/14)

Scripture: Exodus 3:1–4:7

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Round Up

  • Gather cotton balls and chenille stems. Use tape to mark two or three small areas on sides or ends of a table. Scatter cotton balls on the tabletop.

Create two or three teams; each team will claim one of the taped off areas as its “pen.” Give each child a chenille stem. Tell teams that the goal is to gather as many cotton balls as they can in their area. They cannot take any balls from another team’s pen but any cotton balls outside the taped areas can be taken. Say, “Go!” Team members can work together or individually to collect the cotton balls but can only move the balls with the chenille stems. Kids can bend the stems into other shapes if they choose. (Drop a few more cotton balls in the middle of play to extend the game.) Call time and count each team’s total. Any cotton balls outside a pen are not counted for any team. Play again as time allows. Tell kids that Moses was shepherding sheep when he saw something unusual.

Live It Out – Word Map Wall

  • Gather paper, markers, and tape.

Guide kids to find the Life Verse in their Bibles. Read the verse together. Talk about the Bible story and that God is the one true God. Print God on a piece of paper and tape it to the middle of a wall or bulletin board. Encourage kids to think of words and phrases that describe God. They may think of attributes or names of God. Tell them to print one word or phrase on a piece of paper and tape it to the wall to create a word map about God. Provide paper strips or yarn to connect the words to God. When the word map is complete, review the ideas that the kids posted. Ask them to think about what it means that God is the only true God. Guide kids to choose some of the words and phrases to create a poster to take home. Or, if an Internet connection is available, they could use the words and phrases to create a Wordle (at

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Name That Person

  • On index cards, print names of people that preteens listen to: mother, father, teacher, coach, pastor, referee, friend, policeman, principal.

Choose a preteen to be the artist. Give the artist one of the cards. He should draw only pictures to help the rest of the group guess the person on his card. After the person is guessed (or a few minutes if no one guesses), choose another artist and draw another person. (Create teams if you have a large group of kids.)

Comment that these are all people we must listen to. Someone else we listen to is God; Moses learned about listening to God.

Live It Out – God’s Call Skit

Use the Activity Page to talk about the only true God. Review the facts of the Bible story. Think about how the scene with Moses may have been different if he lived today. Encourage ideas from the preteens about what Moses may have been doing and how God may have communicated with him. Challenge preteens to create a skit about God calling Moses in today’s time. Kids may work in groups, in pairs, or individually to create skits. As time allows, watch performances of the skits. Tell kids that God is with you today just like He was with Moses. He may speak in different ways, but He is still helping and guiding His followers today. Encourage preteens to talk about how they can listen to God today.


  1. Carla Kinnard says:

    I just tried the wordle app you suggested. It is very cool. I think the kids will like this!

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