Grades 1-6: Winter 2013-14: Unit 2: Session 1: Does God Love People? (1/19/14)

Scripture: Matthew 9:18-31

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Bandage Relay

  • Gather adhesive bandages and put them in a large bowl. Place the bowl of bandages at one end of the game area. Create a tape start line at the other end of the game area.

Create two teams and ask teams to line up facing the bandages. At your signal, the first child of each team runs down to the bowl, picks up a bandage, and removes it from the package. Then the child will take the bandage back to the line, remove the backing from the bandage, and place it on the hand of the next child in line. That child will then run down to get a bandage. Continue until all team members have a bandage. Talk about when people need a bandage (when they are injured or hurt) and why they use bandages (help their cuts heal). Comment that today the kids will hear about people that Jesus healed.

Live It Out – Sticks Game

  • Gather craft sticks; print letters on the sticks, one letter on a stick: J, E, S, U, S, H, E, A, L, S. Make two or three sets of sticks.

Talk about the Bible story. Use the Kids Activity Pages to talk about how Jesus healed people. Talk about other stories about Jesus’ healing.

Drop the sticks into a pile on a table. Create two teams of kids. Ask one team a question about the Bible story; after answering the story, one child from the team can pick up a stick carefully from the pile. If he does not move another stick while picking it up, he can choose a second stick. (If he does move another stick, he can keep the first stick but not try for a second stick) If the second stick moves another stick, he must place it back on the pile. Then ask a question to the other team and repeat the process. Teams should work to get all the letters to spell Jesus Heals. Ask kids if Jesus heals today.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Blindfolded Artists

  • On index cards, print the name of an object: house, flower, heart, hairbrush, cap, dog, face, and so forth. You will need a card for every pair of children. You will also need paper, markers, and blindfolds.

Group the kids into pairs. Ask each pair to decide who will be the artist and who will be the guide. Give each pair a piece of paper and a marker. Blindfold the artists. Give each guide an object card. The guide should give instructions to the artist to draw the object on the card; the guide must not name the object. Give encouragement as the guides help the artists draw. After a few minutes, tell groups to stop and remove blindfolds. Lay drawings and cards on tables and take a gallery walk. Encourage kids to talk about the experience. Tell them that in the Bible story they will hear about Jesus healing the blind.

Live It Out – “Miracle” Web Page

  • Provide paper and pencils. Make arrangements for preteens to use computers or tablets to create their Web pages. (Plan to link the page or pages to your church’s Web site.)
  • If you do not have technology available, provide scrapbook paper, precut letters, markers, paper, and other supplies to create a wall display outside the room.

Use the Kids Activity Pages and leader pack items to talk about the Bible story and Life Point. Talk about miracles in the Bible. Invite preteens to talk about any miracles they have experienced or know about; share your own experiences as well.

Talk about what information they could share about miracles. They can use the paper and pencils to jot ideas and design information for a Web page. The group may want to work together to create one Web page or smaller groups could create several pages that could be linked together. Assist their work as needed. Tell preteens that telling about what Jesus has done helps people learn more about His love for them.

If you are unable to create a Web page, use the same information and design a wall display outside your classroom.


  1. Sandy Dershem says:

    You want them to make a webpage in 15-20 minutes?
    Come on, get real.
    We may have to go with some other curriculum. This just isn’t as good as it used to be. So many things our teachers have against this line.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Using a site like is really quick to use and you can set up a page really quickly. But also note that the suggestions really focused on just setting up a framework for the webpage by using paper, pencils, and scrapbook papers. I’m sorry that you didn’t like this suggestion. We try to vary our suggestions to appeal to kids who are really techno-to kids who are more athletic. I’m sorry this one didn’t appeal to you.

      You mentioned many things your teachers have against the line. Would you please email me so that we can hear the specifics? We want to make the product better and hearing specific feedback helps!

  2. Cameron Helms says:

    I have to agree that the new publications from lifeway for our children’s Bible study is nowhere near as good as it use to be. The material we now have to go by is not helpful. It is so bad that I have considered giving up teaching.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Cameron,

      I’m sorry that you are frustrated. We would love to help. Have you seen a list of the enhancements coming soon? I would be happy to talk with you or email with you about your specific concerns. Please feel free to contact me:

  3. Barbara Rivers says:

    I, too, have been a little disappointed with the new curriculum. It is more difficult to follow and the Live it Out choices do not appeal to my 3rd graders. I usually have to pull from other resources to find activities that will reach my group of students. I have veered away from Lifeway material several times, but always come back to it because it is the most Bibically sound I have found. However, my other children’s teachers are sending me links to consider using because of the new format. I appreciate your hard work and know what a difficult task you have, but as the old adage goes, don’t try to fix what is not broken.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hey Barbara,

      Are you using the the third and fourth grade curriculum? I want to verify which curriculum you are using.

      • Barbara Rivers says:

        Yes, I am using the 3rd and 4th grade material. I pull from EXTRA each week. The ideas in EXTRA seem to relate better to the children I teach than the material in the Leader Guide. I understand the need to add technology to the curriculum because we live in a technology minded world. However, many small churches do not have the ability to pull this into their classroom at their churches. Thank you for the work you do.

  4. Lindsay Fitzsimmons says:

    We enjoy the curriculum for our 5th & 6th graders. They are learning God’s Word and having fun doing it. What more could we ask for? There are times we may have to adjust a section of the curriculum a bit to meet the needs of our class, but that’s to be expected. Personally, I’m grateful for the ideas in this curriculum. Nice to mix it up and keep the kids engaged. The DVD is a great addition as well. Keep up the great work!

    • Jeff Land says:


      I’m so glad that you love the curriculum. I agree that having fun while learning God’s Word is excellent!

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