Grades 1-6: Special Focus: Thanking God

Scripture: John 6:1-13

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Thankful Collage

  • Gather a large piece of paper, variety of colored paper, glue sticks, and markers.

Lead kids to tear colored paper into letters to spell Thank You, God. They can glue the letters onto the large piece of paper. They can shapes from the colored paper and write things for which they are thankful. These shapes can be glued around the words.

Live It Out – Thank-You Frames

  • Gather poster board, tissue paper, glue, paintbrushes, bowls, paper towels, 4-by-6-inch index cards, and markers.
  • Cut the poster board into 6-by-8-inch pieces; cut a 3-by-5-inch hole in the center to make frames. (Or purchase cardboard frames with these dimensions.)
  • Cut the tissue paper into squares or strips. Mix glue with a small amount of water in bowls. Place materials on a table.

Talk about the Bible story and recall that Jesus thanked God for the food. Tell kids that God wants them to be thankful, too. Give each child an index card. He can draw a picture or write words about something for which he is thankful. Say: “Let’s make a frame for your thankful card.” Children can use the brush to paint glue onto the frame and place tissue paper pieces over it. They can glue randomly or create a specific design with the tissue paper pieces. When they have covered their frames, they can brush glue over the entire surface to seal it. Help kids attach the verse cards to the backs of the frames. Lay the frames on paper towels so kids can transport the frames home. Pray and thank God for the things the kids mentioned.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Draw and Guess

Choose a preteen to start the game (or start the game yourself). The preteen can draw a picture of a food on a dry erase board (or large piece of paper) for the group to guess. When the group guesses the food, choose another player. Tell the preteens that today you will talk about being thankful. Read the Life Point.

Live It Out – Self Portraits

  • Provide paper, scissors, and markers.

Lead each preteen to cut out a person shape from paper. Then they can create self-portraits. As they work, talk about things for which they are thankful. Help them think about things beyond family, food, and friends. Suggest they can be thankful for challenging things because those things help them grow and learn. Ask how God helps them in ways beyond physical needs. After self-portraits are complete, give preteens pencils. Tell them to write a thankful letter to God on the back of their portrait. They can write what they are thankful for and why. Pray and thank God for all His gifts and blessings.


  1. Priscilla says:

    We like the new material with its emphasis on bible skills. The kids also enjoy the videos. . We have been using extra ideas from the bonus teaching hour that are on the cd during our regular Sunday School hour. The parents really like the weekly emails as well. Is it okay to post them on a group page in Facebook that our church has for news for parents on its children’s ministry..

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Priscilla, I’m so glad that you are having a positive experience with the new curriculum. Of course, it is fine for you to share the email information on your FaceBook page or even your church Web site. Make sure that you are telling them to take advantage of the FREE family app as well!!! Bible Studies for Life: Kids Family App.

      • Is the app available for the Nook?

      • How do I get the Kid Family App and provide instructions to the parents?

        • Hi Ruth, in the iTunes app store, search “Bible Studies for Life: Kids Family App”. You can download it for iPad or iPhone. It should be available for android users next week. We have finally gotten the go ahead to upload it for the droid. You will find it the same way in the google app store. It’s a great help for kids and parents. I’m glad you asked about it.

      • I need to know more about the Kid Family App.
        How do I get the Kid Family App and provide instructions to the parents?

  2. Looking forward to the App being made available on Android too! We have lots of parents that would love for the Family App to be droid friendly as well.

    • Hey Joyce,

      If everything gets approved, it will be ready for Winter!!!! I’m so excited. I’ll make a big announcement on the blog when it is approved.

  3. Ann Ingram says:

    You are a week behind posting the ideas for extra. Please catch up. I have used Extra since it was invented and the new/worse curriculum is so bad and disorganized that I need Extra even more so.


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