Grades 1-6: Special Focus: Session 1- A Song About God

Scripture: Psalm 104:1-4,24-31

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity—Match Seed

• Provide index cards, tape, and seeds in their packets. Tape one of each seed to an index card.

Lay the seed packets out. Guide kids to try to figure out which seed card goes with each seed packet. As kids try to match the plants and seeds, mention God created plants, animals, people, land, everything.

Live It Out

Game—Creation Guessing Game

• No supplies needed.

Invite kids to play a creation guessing game. Ask a volunteer to come to the front. The volunteer should think of an item God created. Then they will describe it, one clue at a time, while other kids try to guess what it is. Whoever guesses correctly is the next one to give clues. Remind kids God created everything in all of creation. He created people, rain, clouds, plants, animals, land, everything.

Craft—Creation Sculpture

• Gather miscellaneous items to use to create with (examples: pine cones, leaves, twigs, flowers, paper, markers, foam, paper plates, string, ribbon, glue, tape).

Invite kids to use the materials provided to create a sculpture of something in creation. Encourage kids to be creative and detailed. Mention everything in creation was made by God, including each of them.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity—Ready for Your Close-up?

• Provide camera, phones, or tablets for kids to take pictures on.  Divide kids into groups.

Guide kids to take up close pictures of people in their group. The pictures should be extremely close, so it’s hard to guess who it is (examples: a freckle on someone, an ear, a piece of a design on someone’s shirt). Give kids a few minutes to take as many pictures as they can. Have groups share their photos while other groups try to guess who are in the pictures. Mention that today kids will learn that everything in creation is the work of God, including them!

Live It Out

Game—Clay Sculptures

• Gather art clay or play dough and paper plates. Divide kids into groups, with no more than 5 in a group.

Explain that kids will be making clay figures. You will call out an item in nature and kids will have to sculpt it. Guide each group to choose one child to be the sculptor. When you call out the item, the sculptor will use the clay to create the nature item. Display all sculptures. Mention everything in creation is the work of God, who loves us. Play as many rounds as time allows, changing the sculptor for each round.

Craft—Creation Poem

• Supply paper and pencils.

Take kids outside. Lead kids to write a poem about God’s creation. Remind kids God created everything, including each of them. Each child is a work of God, and He loves them. Ask kids to share their poems with the group, if they are willing.


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