Grades 1-6: It’s Not Always Easy: Session 6 – Hard to Grow

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:1-5; 3:14-17

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity—Keep It Up

• Gather 2 books for each child (or other objects for kids to hold).

Guide kids to stand with their arms straight out to the side, palms up. Place a book on each hand. Instruct kids to stand there as long as they can. Talk about how their arms must be getting tired. As kids drop books or need to stop, tell them to sit down. Continue until there is no one left standing or only a few. Mention kids probably stopped because it got harder and harder. Comment that today kids are going to learn about a time Paul encouraged Timothy to keep going. He wanted Timothy to keep growing and staying surrendered to God.

Live It Out

Game—Bible Review

• Make a list of Bible trivia questions. Use recent stories and other things kids would may have already learned (examples: What were Paul and Silas doing in jail? Name the first man and woman? On what day did God create the animals? How long was Jesus in the tomb?). Form 2 teams of kids.

Ask teams a Bible trivia question, one at a time. If teams get it right, they get a point. If they get it wrong, another team can try to answer. After the game, encourage kids to always keep learning about God. Mention the more kids read the Bible, the more it will help them stay surrendered to Him.

Craft—Encouragement Posters

• Supply large pieces of construction paper and markers.

Guide kids to make posters of encouragement to hang in their rooms. The poster can help remind kids to keep learning about God and to do the things He wants them to do. Encourage kids to write the words of 2 Timothy 2:1 on their posters. Remind kids to stay surrendered to God.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity—Encouragement Game

• No supplies needed.

Have kids stand in a circle to play an encouraging game. Guide kids to say these words (one word for each child) “Who will? Who will? I will. I will. I will encourage you!” As kids say each word they should turn to the person on their right. The last person to go must say something encouraging to the person they are looking at. The person who received the encouragement is then the one to start the game again. Play as long as time allows. Mention today kids will learn about a time when Paul encouraged Timothy.

Live It Out

Game—Surrendering Dominoes

• Gather books or wooden blocks, paper, pencils, tape.

Guide kids to think about areas of their life where they might be struggling to stay surrendered to God. Challenge kids to write a list of these things. Mention no one else will see the list. Lead kids to pray for God to help them in these areas. Tell kids to fold their papers and tape them to a block. Direct kids to set the blocks up like dominoes. As kids knock the blocks down, mention this is a reminder that they can surrender all of these things to God.

Craft—Encouragement Letters

• Provide paper and pencils.

Invite kids to write a letter to encourage someone in their walk with Christ. The letter can be to themselves for when they are having a bad day. Or the letter can be for a friend. Remind kids Paul encouraged Timothy to keep growing in his knowledge of Jesus. Encourage each child to do the same.

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