Grades 1-6: Getting Along: Session 6: God’s Big Plan

Scripture: Genesis 37; 50:15-21

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – News Walls

  • Print Good News on a large piece of paper. Print Bad News on another large piece of paper. Tape the papers to the wall and lay markers underneath the papers.

Lead kids to write things that are good news and bad news on the papers. They could also draw pictures. Add additional pieces of paper as needed to each “news.” Tell kids that, no matter what happens, God’s plan is always good.


Live It Out – Headband Game

  • Gather a bandana, index cards, and tape.
  • Print these words or phrases on separate index cards: baseball, baby, school, friend, computer, doctor, park.

Read the Life Point. Tell kids that God’s plans are good and they can trust those plans. Many things happen, good and bad. But God is always working and doing good. Choose one child to stand in front of the others. Tie the bandana around his head. With a piece of tape, attach one of the cards to the bandana so the child cannot see it. The child can ask yes or no questions to the group so he can guess the word on his headband. After the word is guessed, ask the kids to tell you good things or bad things that could happen related to that word. (Examples: Win or lose a baseball game; happy new with new baby; bully at school; sleepover at a friend’s house; play games on the computer; get sick and see the doctor.) Talk about trusting God’s plan. If time is available, continue the game with additional words. Or provide markers and paper for kids to draw themselves doing things to follow God’s plan.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Impossible/Possible

  • Write Impossible on one piece of paper and Possible on another piece of paper. Attach the sheets to walls at opposite ends of the room.

Tell preteens to gather in the middle of the room. Tell them you will call out a task and they show if they think they can do that task by moving to the appropriate sign. (It’s possible or impossible for them to do.) Call out these tasks:

  • Jump out of an airplane.
  • Help your brother or sister clean a room.
  • Tell someone about Jesus.
  • Make all As in school.
  • Become a famous athlete.
  • Send 100 texts in one day.
  • Get elected as president of the United States.
  • Be a loyal friend.
  • Go to another country as a missionary.
  • Take apart a computer and put it back together.
  • Tell someone what a dream meant.

Set a fast pace; ask preteens to move back to the middle before reading the next task. Ask preteens why they decided they could or could not do certain tasks. Explain that God gives people the ability to follow His plan. Sometimes the tasks may seem impossible, but God will help you do His plan. His plan will happen even when bad things or impossible things come up.”

Live It Out – Life-Sized Game

  • Make a “life-sized” gameboard with sheets of blue and yellow paper. Tape the sheets in any order to make a path around the room. Gather a numbered cube.

Remind preteens that Joseph obeyed God, even in times that were difficult. Joseph later knew that God’s plan had been at work all the time. Ask: What could have happened if Joseph made selfish plans instead of trusting God and His plan?” Show the game path. The first player can toss the cube and walk on the path that number of spaces. If he stands on a blue square, he can tell one way a person could follow God’s plans at home (or substitute school, the sports field, church). If he lands on yellow, he tells one way a person could make selfish plans at home (school, etc.). Talk about the benefits or consequences of following these plans. State that following God’s plans are always the best way. Even when good things or bad things happen, God is still at work with His plan. And His plan is always good.



  1. Shelia Garner says:

    Where is the Extra for Unit 2?

  2. I can’t find Unit 2 also. There are no Unit 2 sessions on the Leader Extras page. Here is what comes up: “Leader Extras for Bible Studies for Life: Kids
    Bible Studies for Life: Kids
    Ideas for Grades 1-6
    Session 5

    Getting Along: Stepping In
    Watch Out! – Loving the Unlovable
    Session 6

    Getting Along: God’s Big Plan
    Watch Out! – It’s Not Going to Be Easy”

    There is no option to “scroll through” anything. Just sessions 5 and 6 unit 1.

    Your lesson set up is also very confusing. Instead of having a lesson a week, we now have sessions and units. In our 5th grade Sunday School we have 7 teachers. Most Sundays at least one teacher, usually more, will study and teach on the wrong session. Were you intending to allow more than one week per session? No explanations were provided on how to teach using the New Bible Studies for Life Preteen setup. Everything is very confusing.

    • Hi Jerry,

      We tried to include articles to help explain the new format. I’m sorry that you don’t like it. If you are using the standard date format, please see page 96. All of the dates are listed there. Make sure your other co teachers know about this as well.

      As far as the leader helps: They are all there. You have to click on view more, then scroll through. There are about 4 pages of helps so you might miss it. I have an idea that I am working on. I’ll try to post it tomorrow.

    • Jerry,

      EXTRA content for Bible Studies For Life

  3. David Smith says:

    I only found Extras for unit one to be listed under Leader Extras.
    Thanks for all your help.

  4. Angela Patrick says:

    I realize the time and effort it takes to prepare the
    SS literature. I am a tenured teacher and this 6 week set up has me concerned. Trying to cover
    The whole lifespan of Joseph In one sitting is an example.
    There is NO way to do this justice. The 6 week unit seems to be stretched too thin. We enjoy the
    Videos and use them weekly.

    • Hi Angela,

      I understand completely about your frustrations with trying to cover so much of Joseph’s life in such a quick time period. That’s nearly impossible. You will notice if you check out our 3 year teaching plan that we are actually going to do a whole six-week unit on his life so that kids can understand. Sometimes we do “audits” and sometimes we do full studies. For instance, check out the Peter study in the Winter.

      I’m glad you like the videos!


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