Grades 1-6: Getting Along: Session 5: Stepping In

Scripture: 1 Samuel 25

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Verse Step-out

  • Print the Life Verse on pieces of paper, 1-2 words per page. Arrange the words on the floor (not in order) in a grid. Make 2-3 sets of verse grids. (Tape the words to the floor to secure them.)

Create a team of kids for each word grid. The team should stand around the grid. Choose one child from each team to stand on the team’s grid. Say the Life Verse to the teams. Then say, “Go.” The teams should help their players step on the words in order. If time allows, move teams among the grids and play again. Tell kids that you will be learning about stepping in to help friends.

Live It Out – Stick Puppets

  • Gather paper, craft sticks, markers, scissors, and tape.

Choose activities from the Kids Activity Page to reinforce the Life Point. Tell kids to use the materials to make puppets of themselves and friends. (They can make people figures and tape them to craft sticks to make puppets.) Lead kids to use their puppets to act out situations that show kids helping friends get along or solve a conflict. Lead kids to find the Life Verse in their Bibles. Read the verse together, noting that a way to be kind is helping friends in a conflict.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Tear and Reassemble

Give each preteen a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask them to write a word that describes how they feel when they hear the word conflict. After words are written, lead preteens to tear their papers into 12-15 pieces. Ask: “Can you put your paper back together in 30 seconds?” Give the signal and time 30 seconds. Call, “Stop.” How many reassembled their papers? If this is too challenging, give additional time. If time allows, trade papers and put together a friend’s word in 30 seconds (or whatever time). Tell preteens that you will learn about helping resolve conflicts.

Live It Out – Snowball Fight

  • Gather paper and markers.

Guide each preteen to think about a situation that shows someone helping friends solve a conflict. Each one should draw a picture and write a sentence about the situation. When all the preteens have finished, tell them to ball up the paper. Move to a large area and have a “snowball” fight, tossing the snowballs at one another. Give a signal to end the snowball fight. Tell each preteen to pick up a ball and gather together in one area. Open the snowballs and talk about the situations. Say the Life Point and pray, asking God to help preteens step up and help.


  1. I do not like the fact that the new materials aren’t dated. We have two teachers for our class, and it makes it extremely difficult to be sure what lesson we will be on if one of us is absent. Also, without the teacher book, I don’t know how to determine the session for this week. In the past, the substitute teacher for the week could always check on line and be prepared. Now, that is more difficult.

    • Hi Sheryl,

      I’m sorry for the confusion with the dates missing. They are actually located in the back of the leader guide on page 96. Starting in the spring they will be on the Table of Contents. I hope this will help!

  2. Also, where can I locate the life verse, and is there a link to a Bible website for it?

    • Hey Sheryl,

      I’m not sure what you are asking for. The life verse is printed on the top of the first page after the Leader Bible Study and is also on every Kids Activity Page.

  3. My Sunday school colleagues and I do not like the new materials. Hoping to find something we (students included) can enjoy.

    • Appreciate your feedback. We are always trying to improve and are hearing so many good things about the new format, so we would love to hear more specifically what the leader and experience issues that would make the material better for your church.

  4. Tina Wilkerson says:

    I agree with many of the posts I’ve read. Here is my feedback. Most of it’s negative, sorry.
    (I work with the 3-4th grade class.)

    I DO like the DVD that comes with the material. Our kids enjoy watching it when we have time.
    I do not like that material is not dated on each page. I understand why it’s that way,
    but don’t like.
    I do not like that it is broken up into 6wk units instead of monthly.
    I do not like the new “life verse” aka memory verse change. My lead teacher and I perfer to have a new one each week.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Tina,

      I’m sorry that you have had a negative experience. We are working to make some changes based on feedback that we have received.

  5. I’ve found it impossible to find the Extras for November children’s lessons. Everything I’ve
    gotten into is out of date; very frustrating!

  6. Lucye Durham says:

    I teach 2nd grade Sunday School. I do not like the new material. I miss having a different Bible verse for each session. I think that was a better way instead of having the same verse for several sessions. I know, repetition is supposed to be a good way for kids to learn.
    I miss having an extra option for opening activities and for crafts & small group time. Some Sundays I have only two or three kids. It’s hard to play some of your suggested games with so few kids. I need alternative ideas, PLEASE!

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Lucye, I’m sorry that you do no like the new curriculum. Please make sure that you are using the Optional Weekly Verses that we suggest since you like having a new verse each week.

      Also, we still have the extra ideas. Here is a link to the blog that has them all neatly organized!

      • Lucye Durham says:


        I found the extra with the optional ideas. When I looked there at the beginning of using these new materials, I didn’t find anything. I thought you had deleted the Extra page.
        Thanks for keeping it. I do occasionally use the optional verses. Even the kids notice & remark that we have already had that verse.

  7. I wanted to post a positive comment about the new curriculum! Our teachers like it so far, the kids love the videos! I love the extras! Sometimes a little change is good, especially if it’s for the Glory of God! Go Jeff!

  8. I am very disappointed in the DVD to supplement our lessons. For the 2nd grade the life action is too complex a scenario for them. It is also another example of showing kids making bad choices. Why not show people who have excelled in these areas.

    We could be doing something really meaningful…a real person who has demonstrated those characteristics we are studying, an opportunity to learn from real life! Such comical, shallow videos take away time from teaching and true learning.

    Our kids are capable of connecting at a deeper level. I think that most of the children get more than enough of video screens. True our children today are visual learners, but we are capable of producing a more thoughtful product.

    Having “cartwheel” characters talking about Jesus is like having Santa Claus or the Easter bunny being used for teaching our lessons. Shouldn’t we be cognizant of how every minute we have is precious in enabling them to be aware of Truth, to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s speaking.

    Having depended on great supplementary material in the CD for the 10 years previously when I taught kindergarten, I was greatly disappointed in this tool for children. Coloring pages? I am not very creative so I just go to the internet and find teaching suggestions to supplement the activities in the leader’s guide. Really hoping that next quarter shows improvement.

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Brenda,

      I’m sorry that you don’t like the videos and the coloring pages. PLEASE know that we mean for these to be completely optional. If they don’t work for your class, please don’t feel like you need to use them.

    • Brenda,

      I agree with everything you said. I too teach 2nd grade Sunday School and think the Life Action Video is not for that grade level. Also, the Cart Wheel charicters are just silly. I have to explain them to the children. I also turn to the Internet for better ideas than are in our literature.
      And, the Bible Study pictures use to be so wonderful. The new ones look comical and the size of the pictures are too small. I would rather pick out some of the older pictures from my picture files that use those from the resource kit.

      You are trying to make Sunday School like the rest of the world that kids see. Isn’t the church supposed to be ‘not like the rest of the world?’

  9. I am unable to use the DVD that comes with the literature for finding supplemental printables. The only thing i have on the DVD is music

    • Jeff Land says:

      Which DVD are you looking at? The Large Group Worship DVD has printable material on it. The Life Action DVD doesn’t have any printable on it, but it also doesn’t have music. The Enhanced CD does have printable material in it. If you can’t access the information on it, please call our customer service and ask for technical support.

      • it is called Preteens Bible Studies for Life (enhanced CD) which came with the literature..

        • Jeff Land says:

          Hi Carol, Please call our customer service and ask for technical support. I am not sure why your CD isn’t working.

          (800) 458-2772

  10. Millie Burkett says:

    I teach preteens at my church. Boys out number the girls and that excites me to know that boys are coming to church each week. I have really liked the topics and Bible study content in the Bible study portion the past two units. I think they are exactly what today’s preteens need. I do find that I end up using the Extra resource more often then not, so thank you for providing a second options. We are using the video and the Life Action segment connects with our preteens. I have only used the preteen material and like I said, it is working well. I have not used the younger ages material but I am hearing that the biggest concern has been not enough activity. Thank you for listening to everyone’s experiences. I am sure every time a new resource kicks-off there are kinks that need adjusting. Praying for childhood team!!!

    • Jeff Land says:

      Thanks for the feedback Millie. I am glad you are enjoying the preteen material. We are working on beefing up the lessons.

  11. I have been teaching a long time, and have learned that all Bible study curriculum has strengths and weaknesses. I use it as my jumping off point and for great ideas, but always put my own ” spin” on it as I use the Bible to encourage and hopefully get kids excited about their relationship with their Heavenly Father. I know the team there at lifeway must have worked hard and prayerfully to improve the curriculum, and I think you’ve done a good job. I realize many people don’t like change, and I have read very few positive comments, so from this 4th grade teacher…. Thanks!!!

  12. Kim Perkins says:

    I think the DVD is a wonderful addition to the Sunday School curriculum. I also appreciate the “One Conversation” on the back of the student page. I think it is a great way to get the parents involved. However, I am very disappointed in two important things, the repeated “life verse” and the deletion of Daily Bible reading verses. Our children need to be taught to “dig” into scripture. I felt that the Daily Bible reading was wonderful for teaching our children to find verses in the Bible. It is also important to hide God’s word in our children’s hearts! The repeated “life verse” is not enough. I would like to see a different memory verse every week and Daily Bible reading brought back.
    Thank you for listening to our concerns!

    • Kim,

      I appreciate your positive feedback. We certainly want to make things great. I am happy to tell you that the Daily Bible reading will be back in the Fall and I’m also adding it online.

      As far as the weekly verse, we do offer a suggested weekly verse, but like you said, we really want kids to hide God’s word in their hearts. Through our own experiences and the experiences of many of our customers, changing verses every week doesn’t produce long-term memory in the same way that repetition does. So we are trying a different route. If your kids really are on the ball, please please use the weekly verse option.

  13. Janice Gard says:

    I was very interested in all the comments that have been posted here about the new Sunday School material and I was very surprised by the negative tone of most of them.

    Personally I am very happy with the new material. I especially appreciate the fact that the “core lesson” is the same for all age groups right up through the adults. Our church is very small and we only have a handful of children who are regular attenders in Sunday School. That does mean that some of the suggested activities are impossible to carry out but we can work around it. We didn’t have the optional DVD for the Fall quarter so I can’t comment on that. I’m wondering if we have a shorter class time than the average church because we have more than enough to fill up our time, even without the use of the DVD. Thank you for all the hard work to present a high quality curriculum.

    • Hi Janice,

      Thank you for your positive comments. Change is hard for everyone. We love working on Bible Studies for Life. My entire team teaches it weekly. I personally have 1 hour and 20 minutes with my kids and we never get to do everything!

  14. Carla Kinnard says:

    I have been using the Kindergarten level on its own, and the broadly graded curriculum for my older classes. I really like that all of my classes have the same Bible story each week. In the past, my younger children were considered preschool and often had a different lesson than my older kids. This made it difficult in Children’s Church where I have a mixed group of PreK through grade 2 because I would try to review 2 stories.

    However, I too really prefer having a dated curriculum. We have found it confusing to coordinate with our teachers on which lesson we are using for which day. It has been an adjustment, but we have made it work.

    I like the downloadable option for purchasing the curriculum. I purchase that as a back up for those crazy weeks when I can’t find my actual teaching booklet because I left it at my office at church, etc.

    I really appreciate the extra! ideas that you post online, and I found it for this quarter, but I have to say that I really had to search your website for it (and I am very computer/internet savvy). I bet a lot of people have not been able to find it. I have it bookmarked now, and I hope that works for the next quarter as well, so I don’t have to search again. It would help a lot if you could make it easier to find.

    I like having lessons for children’s church with this curriculum, and it seems to be a little bit cheaper than I remember the Worship Kidstyle curriculum being, which is always important for our limited budget. My kids seem to like Cartwheel, but lose interest in the Life Application videos. As an adult, I can appreciate that they are well-done, but my kids won’t sit still for that many videos during children’s church. I would like to see something more for the kids to make during children’s church. My kids like to have something to take home with them. My little girls love the color sheets, and would sit and color for the entire time if I let them, but the boys are less than interested in coloring. So I have been giving them a choice to either color in one room or watch the life app video in another. But neither of these is particularly good for these active boys. Sometimes I have to just make up a game for them, something to keep them moving. I would love to see more active option presented in the materials, but as always, I will adapt whatever you give me to the needs of my group.

    I would like to know if there is a scope and sequence with this curriculum. I appreciated how thoroughly that was done in the past with Bible Teaching for Kids.

    I have found that some of the Bible lessons were difficult to grasp for the age level of my kids. I teach first graders, and for example, the lesson of the woman at the well just had so much figurative language that it was difficult to explain to them. I did not find any helps in the curriculum for explaining what Jesus meant by “living” water, etc. My kids were also somewhat confused by the story of David cutting off part of Saul’s robe. Similarly, I wondered why the story of Abigail and Nabal was chosen. These lessons seemed to be weaker than the others in my opinion.

    I like the idea of the Christ Connection and the Life verses, but sometimes it seems that the correlation between the stories and these verses is a bit thin or even unconnected. Other times, they have been great, so I would like to see more consistency there. But again, we have made it work.

    I would suggest to others that you can usually just google your Bible story and the word “craft” to find additional ideas if necessary. No curriculum is going to be perfect for every church situation, nor be able to eliminate the need for teachers to be creative and adapt to the needs of each group.

    Thank you for letting us share our comments.

    • Hi Carla,

      Thanks for your detailed comments. Details are SO helpful to us. Although it would be our goal, we have to recognize that not every session is going to be your favorite. I’m sorry that there were a few that you didn’t care for. We are working on the Christ Focus statements to make them deeper. Also, the Life Verse often is related to what the adults are studying so that there is more concept alignment between parents and kids. Again, thanks for your comments. Keep them coming.

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