Grades 1-6: Getting Along: Session 4: Speaking Up

Scripture: Acts 10

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Back to Back

Ask kids to stand with a partner back to back. If you have an odd number, tell the “odd man” to stand nearby to begin the game. If you have an even number of kids, ask an adult to play the game, too; the adult will be the first “odd man.” Tell kids that when you call “Back to back,” they will need to move to stand back-to-back with another partner. The “odd man” will move to find a partner, too. Call out, “Back to back!” After kids move, find the new odd man; ask the odd man to name a country. Play quickly, calling out, watching kids move, asking the odd man to name a country. After the game, tell kids that people from different countries come to America to live or visit. People are different, but we should not treat them differently.

Live It Out – Megaphone

  • Gather heavy paper, colored tape, stickers, and markers.

Help kids find the Life Verse in their Bibles. Read the verse and talk about ways to show love. Tell them that speaking up is a way to show love, especially speaking up for the truth. Tell kids they can make a megaphone to remind them to speak up. Give each child a piece of heavy paper. Kids can decorate the paper with the art materials. Suggest they print Speak up! or Love one another! on their paper. When a child has completed her decorations, she can roll up the paper into a megaphone shape. Help her use the tape to complete her megaphone.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Verse Scramble

  • Gather pads of two different-colored sticky notes.
  • Print the words of the Life Verse on sticky notes, one word per note. Make a set of each color. Stick the words randomly on a wall in the room. Print the Life Verse on a poster and post it on the wall opposite the notes.

Group the preteens into two teams; assign one color per team. Line up teams facing the wall with the sticky note words. Say the verse to the teams. Tell the teams that they will have a relay, putting the verse in order. When you say go, the first member of each team will run to the wall of notes, find the first word of the verse (on the correct assigned color), run back to his team, and place the note on the wall under/near the Life Verse poster. The next team member runs to the wall to find the next word. Continue until all the words are found and put in order by one team. (Team members may need to take more than one turn to retrieve all the words.) Read the verse together; tell preteens that today you will learn about showing love to all people.

 Teaching Tips: For an easier game, group all the same color notes on one end of the wall and the other color on the other end. For a more challenging game, mix the words all together in a jumble. For a greater challenge, scatter the words on all over the room.

Life It Out – Scrambled Targets

  • Print these scrambled words on cardboard tubes: ralutluc; icraal; igrelousi; occonmie; deerng; gea; rainegol; tallymen hallencged; sicphyal abilitysid; topliical; guagenal; patoccuional.* (Alternative: print scrambled words on cards and tape cards to water bottles.) Arrange the cardboard tubes near a wall.
  • Use tape to mark a tossing line a few feet from the tubes. Place a beanbag at the line.

Talk about what prejudice means. Talk about the Bible story and the Life Point. Preteens will take turns trying to knock down a word. Tell them the words may be differences that some people may show prejudice. When one is knocked down, the preteen tries to unscramble the word. If the word is not unscrambled, then it is returned to the game. After the word is unscrambled, talk about prejudice people may show and encourage preteens to talk about how to treat a person from that group with respect. If a preteen knocks down more than one word, he chooses a word and stands up the other ones. Encourage preteens to think about how they can show love and respect for all kinds of people this week.

*Words: cultural; racial; religious; economic; gender; age; regional; mentally challenged; physical disability; political; language; occupational.


  1. Diane Jolly says:

    I am a 3rd grade Sunday school teacher and director and have been enjoying the new
    literature. However, there are a few things I would like to express my viewpoints:
    1. It would be nice if the banner would be bolder and more colorful as it is used in our
    large session time in a large room.
    2. The “extra” used to be downloaded to a PDF file which we can no longer do and we
    usually had an opportunity to look at least 2 weeks before the lesson was due in order
    to prepare if we wanted to use anything in the “extra”
    Thank you for your attention and response

    • Jeff Land says:

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your comments. I am hoping that I can help you out!

      1. We are adding more color as we progress. You will start seeing more changes in color in the coming quarters.
      2. The Extras are not currently available as PDF. I will check into it, but for now, you might find it easier just to copy and paste them into a word document. We do, however, list the Extras VERY early. Here are links to extras for: Fall and here are links to extras for Winter.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know!

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