Grades 1-6: Getting Along: Session 3: Walk Away

Scripture: Genesis 13

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Flocks

Tell kids that you will play a game. When you call out a number, they should get in groups of that number. Tell them to walk around randomly as you say: “Sheep, sheep, wander around, Where are water and green grass found, Now it’s time to go to sleep, Get to your flock you group of sheep!” Then call out a number (less than 8). Kids should quickly move into groups of that number. Kids left over (less than the number you call) should join you for the next round. Start the chant again. Ask the “left over sheep” to decide on the number to call. Kids group up again. The “left over sheep” join the game and allow the new group of “left over sheep” to stand with you. Tell kids that in the Bible story a problem developed because of a large group of animals in one place.

Live It Out – Sand Messages

  • Gather poster board or heavy paper, pencils, bottles of glue, sand, and a tray or box.
  • Cut the poster board or paper into 5-inch-by-8-inch pieces.

Use the Kids Activity Page to review and apply today’s Bible story. Lead kids to talk about times of conflict and ways to resolve the conflict. Suggest kids think of messages that could help them deal with times of conflict. Examples: Get along; work it out; walk away; be kind. Each child can choose one message to print on a piece of poster board. He should print large letters. Then he can outline the letters with glue and sprinkle sand on top of the glue. Carefully shake off any excess sand into the tray or box. (Reuse this sand as needed.) Tell kids that the sandy reminders can help them think about Abram’s choices and their own choices.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – Shrinking Corrals

  • Make several squares or circles on the floor with tape. Make the shapes of different sizes. Inside each shape, put a piece of paper with number of feet allowed (4 feet only; 12 feet only; etc.)

Play music and tell kids to move around in a circle around or between the shapes on the floor. Stop the music and kids move to one of the shape “corrals.” But they should put only the number of feet in the corral that is noted. (Kids can put one or two feet in the corral to meet the quota.) Play a couple of rounds. Then remove one of the corrals and continue play. At some point, kids will find it difficult to all find a place to stand. Encourage creative solutions. (Maybe a child puts a hand in the corral or sits on two friends’ knees with his feet off the ground.) Tell them that in the Bible story today there was not enough room for the large group of animals.

Live It Out – Foot Posters

  • Gather paper, markers, scissors, and staplers.

Read the Life Point and talk about the Bible study. Talk about walking away from conflicts. Encourage preteens to think of times they could walk away. Lead preteens to find the Life Verse in their Bibles and talk about how walking away may show love and kindness. Give out materials. Tell each preteen to trace and cut out his shoe/footprint three times; he may need multiple pieces of paper. On one footprint, the preteen can write the Life Point; on the second, he can write the Life Verse; on the third, he can write I can walk away from _____________. Then he can staple the three footprints together as a reminder of this week’s Bible study.


  1. Martha Lewis says:

    I really liked having the dated materials much better and most of these activities seem to be for larger groups, not small churches like ours. Very disappointed with the Leader Extras for Children and Leader Extras for Students.

    • James Jackson says:

      From Jeff Land, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life:Kids:

      Hi Martha,

      The dates will be back on the Spring 2014, Table of Contents. Also, I will ask my writer of the Leader Extras to consider smaller groups when he is writing these.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Libby Mathis says:

    I am enjoying the new materials. It has helped we encourage my students to use their bibles more rather than just reading the story from the student book. I did miss the dates at first, but it was not a big deal to look in the back of the book. Thanks for the online extra helps also.

  3. Thanks for including these additional ideas and activities on-lne, they are very helpful and work perfectly with our group. Please keep them coming! :)

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