Grades 1-6: Getting Along: Session 2: Do the Right Thing

Scripture: 1 Samuel 24

Grades 1-3

Introductory Activity – Fabric Grab

  • Gather a variety of fabric scraps. Cut the scraps into squares. Cut an even number of squares (2, 4, or 6) for each fabric. Divide the fabric squares into two matching groups. Put one group of fabric squares in the middle of the game area.

Give each child a fabric square. Guide the kids to make a circle around the fabric in the middle of the room. Tell them that on your signal they will move to the fabric and look for a matching square. When they find their matching squares, they should move to the sides of the game area. Repeat the game as time allows. Or form teams and create two piles of fabric to see which team matches all the squares first. Tell kids that in the Bible story today you will hear about someone who cut a piece of fabric.

Live It Out – Life Point Quilt

  • Gather a variety of colored paper, markers, and tape. You could use colored masking tape or clear tape.
  • Cut the paper into squares and other straight-edged shapes.

Talk about the Bible story and emphasize the Life Point. Talk about how David did the right thing, even during a hard time. Encourage kids to talk about times it is hard to do the right thing. Tell kids to write the words of the Life Point on paper shapes, one or two words per shape. Then they can tape the shapes together to make a patchwork design, like a quilt. Allow them to add other shapes to complete their quilts. Tell them that they can use the quilts as reminders to always do the right thing.

Grades 4-6

Introductory Activity – What Do You Know?

Group the kids into two or more teams. Give each team a piece of paper and a pencil. Tell teams that you will give a signal and they should list as many things about David as they can. Give the “go” signal. After 30-45 seconds, call “stop.” Ask one team to call off the things they listed, one at a time. If another team has that same fact, all teams should mark it off. Continue until all teams have listed what they named. Count the number of facts that each team has that no other team listed. The one with the most unique facts wins. Tell kids that you will be learning more about David today.

Live It Out – Toss and Tell

  • Gather muffin pan, paper, and table tennis balls.
  • Cut paper circles to fit inside the cups of the muffin pan. On each circle, print a place (such as home, school, the mall, friend’s house, sport field, etc.). Insert the circles in the muffin pan; use tape to secure them. Set the muffin pan near a wall.

Use an activity on the Activity Page or leader pack to review the Bible content and Life Point. Give a table tennis ball to a preteen and ask her to toss it into the muffin pan. Allow her three chances to get a ball in the muffin pan. If she does not, her turn is over. If she gets a ball in the pan, she can describe a situation in that place. The preteen behind her can tell how to do the right thing in that situation. Then it’s his turn to toss a ball in the pan. Emphasize that we should do the right thing, even when it is hard.

Teaching Tips: Use two or three muffin pans, side by side, to create more targets. Repeat some of the places in the muffin cups instead of trying to think of so many different places.

Use teams to play. One team tosses and tells the situations. The other team tells how to do the right thing. Then teams switch tasks.


  1. Ruth chadwick says:

    Really disappointed in this material. To many games that have nothing to do with the lesson and not enough bible content. I really think it is weak materials.

    • Hi Ruth,

      What age group are you using? Were you using Bible Teaching for Kids before? I want to respond in more detail, but need more information about what you are using.

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