From The Editor: Why It’s a Gift You Can’t Give Yourself


We are days away from “Black Friday” (which, in case you haven’t noticed, has gradually creeped backwards on the calendar. For many stores, it’s now “Black Thursday night,” starting at 10pm). Millions of dollars will be spent that day on gifts. Mostly for other people. But in a totally made-up statistic, approximately 39.4% of shoppers will buy at least one item for themselves on Black Friday. Picking out a gift “for yourself” is a common occurrence for American shoppers.

Is salvation a gift you can give yourself? And if not (hint: it’s not!), why not? Today, we return to a previous blog post from Dr. Ronnie Floyd, as he continues to ponder God, second chances, and why second chances don’t come just because we’re “good enough.” Read more…  

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