From the Editor: Why Are We Here?


Session 5 of Bible Studies for Life’s Honest to God: Real Questions People Ask by Robert Jeffers deals with a two-part question: How Did We Get Here… and Why? Science works hard to explain the first part of that question: How did we get here? But even the most arrogant scientist will not even attempt to answer the second (and more important) question: Why are we here?

Followers of Jesus believe God has provided the answer in His Word. In a recent blog post, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, General Editor of Bible Studies For Life, dealt with the second half of this session’s question. Read More… 


  1. Jean Alexander says:

    Thank you so much for all your help and insight for me as a teacher of older ladies. (55 to 85). I appreciate the materials you provide and also your blog. What a big help they are to me!. I love the lessons in this quarter.
    Thanks again,
    Jean Alexander

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