From the Editor: What Does Spiritual Warfare Look Like?


This week on his blog, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, General Editor of Bible Studies For Life, talks about the reality of spiritual warfare. This is a great article to read and pass along as we look at Session 5 of the Bible Studies For Life Do Over study. Dr. Floyd says,

If spiritual warfare is a reality in which we find ourselves, we must know how to win when we fight. How do we stand against a devil who wants to devour us, and demons who want to harass and antagonize us? Are we left to figure it out on our own? To fight it out on our own? Gratefully, the answer is no.

What are the weapons God has provided us with as we wage spiritual warfare? Read more…


  1. Betty Bell says:

    Thanks for posting the connection to this blog. It is probably the most helpful I have found on the website since the format was changed in October. I copied it to Word, formatted it to one page and copied it for the learners in our class.

    While I have your attention, I will beg again for a return to more helpful material in the packet. Most of the posters are 3/4 picture with wording that it much too small to be read across the classroom. And the pictures are often VERY DIFFICULT OR IMPOSSIBLE to relate to the content of the lesson. For example, not one of the learners in our class could figure out what the chair in pact item 3 had to do with anything we were discussing. We have a very diverse class with some who are wonderfully creative and some who are exceedingly intelligent as well as other who are quite average. None could make any sense of that poster. And that was not the first time that has occurred. On the one for this week, “pack item 4″, the white letters in the scripture quotation are printed on a very light background and could not possibly be read more than four or five feet away.

    Also, there are several fewer items in the packets now. I assume it is because the overly artsy items are more expensive to produce. But the suggestions for case studies and other group projects are missed. I rarely reproduced them exactly as written, but they always stimulated my prayerful thought so that I could adapt them to be very meaningful and helpful in involving the learners in sharing their thoughts on way to apply the Biblical principles.

    • James Jackson says:

      Thanks, Betty, for both the encouragement and the suggestion. I am passing this comment on to the editorial team for the print material and the pack items. Blessings!

  2. Betty Bell says:

    Thanks for passing on my comment on the pack items. I just pulled out the one for this week’s session 5. I put in on the wall of my office, and, sure enough, only the headline – not the majority of the printing, could be read 10 feet away. Please ask the developers to test each item to be certain it can be read easily AT LEAST 12 FEET away. THANKS AGAIN.

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