Friday Roundup: Read any Good Blogs Lately?

rss logoHere’s a sampling of what some of the members of the Bible Studies for Life team, as well as other influential leaders, have been blogging about lately.

Ron Edmondson, writer of our When Relationships Collide study, pastors a church in Lexington, Ky. When a new coffee shop opened near his church, he began thinking about What the Church Can Learn From the Coffee Shop.

Pete Wilson, writer of Let Hope In (Spring, 2014) identifies 4 Questions Everyone Needs to Ask to help clarify our life purpose.

Philip Nation, teaching pastor at The Fellowship in Nashville, TN and the Adult Ministry Publishing Director at Lifeway, recently blogged on the origin of the Sunday School movement in the late 1700’s, and what we can learn from it today. An Equation of Hope.

Ken Braddy, Managing Director for Bible Studies for Life, blogs about the New Seniors in a two part post. Part One      Part Two

LifeWay’s small group strategist Mark Howell challenges us to begin with The End in Mind for My Ideal Small Group. Great words for those of you who have been asked to lead a small group or Sunday school class in the fall!

On The Gospel Coalition blog this week, there is an eye-opening article on Joe Carter called 9 Things You Should Know about Social Media.  While it isn’t directly about small groups, church ministry, or Sunday School the way some of these others are, social media has become an undeniable factor in all of these. For that reason, this is a great post to read.

We want to hear from you! What are some of the most helpful blog sites you visit? 


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