Friday Roundup: Student Ministry

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.43.34 PMBible Studies for Life: Students offers numerous tools and tips on how to lead your group. The content helps the group see where the Bible meets their life. We wanted to present you with as many connections to the various ways Bible Studies for Life: Students could impact your ministry. Today’s roundup will be a collection of that information and hopefully some things you haven’t seen yet.

Check out our many videos that will help you understand what Bible Studies for Life: Students is and how to use it: Click Here.





The App for Android and iOS devices has been a huge hit and we are working hard to improve it as we get feedback from the many who love it already.



studentYou can read about how to make the most of our Digital options by Clicking Here.






AnnualDigitalBundleWe wanted to offer Bible Studies for Life: Students to churches that want a single purchase and unlimited amount of users. Read about how we make that possible with Annual Digital Bundle by Clicking Here.





blog_imageAnd, finally, one of my personal favorites: “What People Are Saying About Bible Studies for Life: Students.” Read it by Clicking Here. This is a huge answer to our prayer that we can help the church in its mission of making disciples.




  1. The new books are easier for SS teachers and are very duplicable. Great for a beginner teacher or for the seasoned teachers! Thanks!

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