Friday Roundup: Hearing from the Most Important Church Leaders in the Country

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We often use our Friday blog post to point you toward what key church leaders are saying about various topics related to Bible Studies for Life. But today, we wanted to spotlight what THE MOST IMPORTANT leaders in any church are saying about Bible Studies for Life. Who are these leaders, without whom the day-to-day ministry of the church could not function?

You are! That’s right. Small group leaders. Preschool teachers. Department directors. Substitute teachers. Your names may not be on the “meet our staff” page for any church. But without volunteers who are committed to showing up every week to lead a group, facilitate discussion, tell a Bible story, or guide a small group prayer time, your church’s ministry would grind to a screeching halt. You matter. Small groups matter. You are true heroes. And Bible Studies for Life was created with you in mind. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to lead relevant, transformational Bible study week in and week out.

So, today we wanted to gather some of the feedback we’ve heard from you about Bible Studies for Life. Take time to read how this resource is already making a difference in churches all around the country. If you’ve been a frequent guest to our blog, you may find your comments here. If not, feel free to add some. Tell us a story of what you are seeing in your church with Bible Studies for Life.

I just began leading an Adult Ladies Sunday School class at the end of our last church year when our teacher had to give it up due to health reasons. One of the problems we seemed to always have was actually finishing the lesson. The lessons seemed to be designed for at least an hour and we only have 45 minutes to cover prayer concerns, any class-related announcements and then dig into the lesson as deeply as we wanted. I love the new format! With fewer focal scriptures, it gives us a chance to dig into the meat of God’s Word. The “key word” feature is a bonus! I have read the Bible all of my life but, having the meaning of certain words right with the scriptures is helpful. Also, love the question feature. It helps me to prompt discussions and give myself and the other ladies “food for thought”. Thank you for making a rather reluctant teacher’s job a little easier. God Bless Y’all!


I am a substitute teacher in the adult 45 and up age group. At first glance I felt some of the curriculum for class members was a bit simplistic, but upon getting a copy of the commentary I like it much better. It has lots of additional information and it provides something missing in other curriculum in that it defines words in English, but also goes further to give us the words as they appeared in the original texts. I find it gives me a great number of resources such as this blog. I believe the availability of an app will benefit many of the teens and young adults as they utilize technology quite a lot more than those of us who are older. I am excited to see how things progress. This Sunday is my first to teach from the BSFL and I want to hear the comments from our class. Thanks for listening. Be blessed.


I am excited about the great changes in the Bible Studies for Life studies. An amazing amount of user friendly resources and great electronic options!


Just starting using the new BSFL adults for our inner city ministry. The adults love to talk and share and this very much brings the Bible to life for them. Our weekly Bible studies in public housing include children and adults so we like how the material studies the same themes. Looking forward to sharing the gospel in this small group way.


It was exciting to know that every Sunday school class was on the same topic of study. At lunch on Sunday my wife and I, along with all four kids were able to discuss what we learned in Sunday school. As a pastor, I am thrilled for another opportunity for our family to connect around the table.


I teach a class of senior ladies and love the new material. I’m still learning how to use all of it but I find that the ladies take more part in the conversation of the class. I love it when we all interact with these lessons. All of us have Pressure of some sort, even at our ages, and we relate to the lessons because they apply to our every day living. Thank you for all the extra helps you provide for teachers.


Our Life Group started the Pressure Point study last Wednesday. We talked about the importance of finding joy during times of trials. Our church meets in a school every Sunday and we pull 3 trailers of “stuff” each week that contains everything we need to make the school a place of worship. A member of my Life Group had a tire on the trailer he was pulling go flat on him on his way to the school. When he called me, I remember thinking I needed to find joy in this even though I knew it would put us behind. As I spoke with the driver later, we both found joy, both in his safety on the road, that we had a spare tire ready to go and that we were able to send someone out to help change it. Set up got done on time and we were able to have a great time worshipping our God.


What about you? Share your story below. 

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