Friday Roundup: Getting Ready for “When Relationships Collide”


If you started Bible Studies for Life with Session 1 when we launched the first week of September, then you are finishing up Session 6 this week, and looking ahead to the next study, Ron Edmondson’s When Relationships Collide. So with that in mind, today’s blog post will recap some of the resources we’ve provided to help you get ready for this amazing study.

We asked Ron to offer some personal reflections as a pastor on the topic of conflict in relationships. He responded with “Five Reasons Relationships Collide”

Click here to watch the promotional video for the six week study. And here’s a helpful hint: We know of several leaders who Tweet this link to the members of their group to let them know what the new study will be about!

Don’t forget about the teaching videos that are available on the Bible Studies for Life Leader Pack DVD and the Small Group Leader Kit. These are both available for purchase from LifeWay. Below is a free sample of the teaching video for Session 3, Stand Down. If you don’t see the video in the window, click here to watch the video on YouTube:

As you prepare to lead your group through these sessions on relationship conflict, don’t forget about the Leader Extras that have been developed to customize the sessions for different kinds of groups. You can see them all grouped together by clicking on the Leader Extras tab at the top of the blog. Or, you can search for all the Extras that have been developed for a particular session by entering “When Relationships Collide Session 1” in the Search Bar. Remember, use the quotes to filter your results more effectively.

Pastors, if you are looking for help developing sermons to go along with the study, check out the outlines that have been developed. You have your choice of theme based outlines, which expand on the session themes but use different Scriptures, or text-based, which cover the same Scriptures and the same themes.

WRC screen shotFinally, don’t forget about the When Relationships Collide App, available for both iOS and Android platforms. This inexpensive ($1.99) app contains the text of the Personal Study Guide, as well as interactive activities, Facebook and Twitter integration, Scripture passages in multiple translations, and pop-up windows for every verse referenced in a passage.


  1. My Sunday School Class would like to use the Senior Adult Bible Study for Life series in our class
    When does the “Winter 2013” series begin? We will plan to begin the study when the books become available

  2. I can’t find anything for senior adults. I searched for session 8 which is for Oct 20 and the blog said we should be at session 6. This is the most confusing site I have ever been on. I have used the life and works extras for years with no problems.

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Sherman– I am sorry you are having so many problems with navigating the extras that are on the website. I know one of the issues is that the Senior Adult version of the material numbers the sessions continuously from 1-12. However, other versions number the first unit of study 1-6, then start over again for the second unit. I don’t think we were aware of the problems that would cause users like yourself who are trying to search for helps by session number. I will try to come up for a solution, but in the meantime, if you search by title of the session rather than session number, you will get better results. So, for example, try typing “It’s Not About Me” (using the quotes) instead of Session 8, and see what happens. Blessings!

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