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Gospel Revolution - Student Leader Kit

Gospel Revolution Student Bible Study is designed for students of all ages, parents, and student leaders or pastors. When the Gospel intersects with a person’s heart, a life will be changed, relationships will be strengthened, and transformation will happen. That’s the power of the Gospel, and knowing it and experiencing it are integral in the life of a disciple. Through eight in-depth sessions, Gospel Revolution guides students to a deeper understanding of the Gospel, its power, and its implications. The result: A disciple’s life defined by selflessness, discipline, generosity, service, and love. In other words, a true revolution.


  • Eight session study
  • Student Workbook
  • Leader Guide
  • 40-day reading plan of the Gospels
  • DVD with teaching from J.D. Greear and Jason Gaston


  1. Tori Sturgeon says:

    Well, I don’t see any other comments on this blog yet; not sure if its just a glitch on my end or not, but I’ll give it a shot anyway :)

    What I like most about Bible Studies for Life, is that the lessons seem invariably to hit directly on a topic I need to hear.. I’m a new christian, and I’m still learning. Still finding my way. But man oh man, the power of God is amazing. The preachers sermons, the faith radio topics, the Sunday school lessons.. even random people on the street lately, its like a continual conversation with God, and He’s using all sorts of interesting mouth pieces. For example; I kept putting off reading my Sunday school lesson. Things like dishes, laundry, they “got in the way.” Well, my honey and I finally got into a bit of a tiff. Boy I was mad at him. Ten minutes later, I picked up my Bible Studiies for Life book. Wouldn’t you know it, the lesson Id been putting off was that Satan uses dissagreements in our relationships to push us further from God? To distract us from reading His word? ….uh-huh. Yeah. I could have avoided that little tiff by reading like I was supposed to. Lesson learned, Lord! Lesson learned.. lol.

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