Free Friday: Bible Studies for Life Kids

Bible Studies for Life: Kids will now feature a Large Group Worship package that is available separately.  This material can be used as a second hour teaching time or on its own!  The content follows the study plan for easy teaching.

The Bible Studies for Life: Kids Large Group Worship package contains one full hour of large group worship materials that are totally engaging for kids.  The DVD includes relevant video clips, step by step teaching plans, music videos with lyrics, leader helps and multimedia files.

Think that sounds awesome?  We’re giving away 5 right here on the blog and there are lots of ways to enter!

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  1. I am gearing up for Fall. What I am looking for is a iPad or iPhone app that is a daily devotional for children 1st through 5th grade. It would be great if there is one for “Bible Study for Life: Kids”

    this would be especially good for my 4th and 5th graders. Most of them have some short of device to get devotionals.

    Can you work on this and get back with me soon.

    thanks so much,

    Ms. Velvie

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Ms Velvie! Go to the iTunes app store, and search “BSFL.” Look for the family app. It’s the one that has the “Bible Studies for Life” logo in green. While it doesn’t have daily devotionals, there are tons of other features in the app that will quickly make it a favorite with the kids in your group. PLus, right now the first quarter is FREE! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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