Four Ways Bible Studies for Life: Students Helps Fight Distraction

I have a trouble paying attention at times. I can focus in for a while but my mind tends to wander. Especially when I’m sitting still. More than once I have been nudged back into a conversation having no idea what was said or what I should respond with. The truth is,  I’m just easily distracted.

When it comes to students, they too can be easily distracted. While this is not abnormal for anyone of any age, the teenage years can be even tougher. You have that whole self-consciousness of being a teenager in full effect. they are worried about how they look, whom they are hanging out with, what everyone will think about every word they say. These things can distract. In Bible Studies for Life Students we strategically build every Personal Study Guide to help combat distraction. Here are a few ways Bible Studies for Life: Students works to help your students stay focused:

  • Factoids. On just about every page students will see a random fact. These facts serve only one purpose: to help students stay engaged while their mind is attempting to drift. The hope is that, instead of tuning out and daydreaming, students will be drawn to these little factoids that connect (although very loosely) in some way to the material. For that very distracted student, this can be a great way to help him or her stay close to the conversation rather than disengage.
  • ‘Share This’ Boxes. Scattered throughout the Personal Study Guide there is a box for students to write down something they think is worth sharing through social media. They may write down a key point, an interesting discussion question, or a thought-provoking quote found at the end of every session. The goal, again, is to keep students engaged in creative ways while studying the session with the group.
  • Action Points. Every session has an Action Point somewhere in the middle of the material. This is a moment for you to give the students something to do whether it is discussion, creative response, or even drawing a picture. The goal with Action Points is to keep students engaged and learn to apply the Bible to their life in a practical way.
  • Engaging Discussion Questions. The primary way Bible Studies for Life helps students stay engaged is by offering five questions in each session that provoke discussion and help students better understand God’s word and their response to it. The questions are planned to act as a funnel to the main point of the session. They begin very open ended. Anyone can answer question one, no matter what his or her spiritual background is. From there, the questions move the group discussion progressively closer to the heart of the issue and help students understand how to apply the Bible to their life.

With Bible Studies for Life: Students, we have been very intentional in building sessions that help students get engaged and stay engaged throughout. If your students tend to get distracted easily, Bible Studies for Life provides tools to help keep them focused from start to finish.




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