Finding My Way Around the Bible Studies For Life DVD-ROM


Bible Studies for Life offers a DVD-ROM with its adult and student resources. It is included in the Small Group Leader Kits and the various Leader Packs. Now a DVD-ROM generally means two things:

  1. Videos (hey, that’s why it’s a DVD)
  2. Other files (this is the ROM part of a DVD-ROM)

These “other files” include electronic versions of the group plans and commentary to help the group leader dig in and understand the passage being discussed. There are also articles to encourage and equip the leader.

So how do I get to those files? When I pop the DVD-ROM in my computer, it launches my DVD program and I cannot see all those files.

All other files are accessed from your Windows Desktop Screen (Windows). or the Finder (Mac) Let’s walk through three steps.

For Windows Users:






For Mac Users…

Open Finder, and click on the DVD under “Devices.” You’ll see three folders. You won’t be able to do much with the ones labeled “Audio_TS” and “Video_TS” (unless, of course, you are a computer programmer, in which case you wouldn’t be bothering with this “how to” blog post in the first place, would you?).  Click on Leader Tools.



DVD Rom screenshot for Mac

You’re in! Depending on which leader kit or leader pack you’re using, the files inside Leader-Tools will vary:

Small Group Leader Kit   

  • Group Plans
  • Commentary
  • Leadership Articles
  • Publicity Banners and Images

Adult Leader Pack
Young Adult Leader Pack
Senior Adult Leader Pack            

  • Group Plans (both PDF and RTF)
  • Commentary
  • Leadership Articles
  • One Conversation
  • Visuals & Posters
  • Prayer Sheets

Student Leader Pack

  • PowerPoint Templates
  • One Conversation
  • Free Music Code

Many leaders who would prefer to use an iPad when they lead a small group really love the pdf’s of the sessions, because they can email them to themselves, open them on their iPads, and use a PDF reader app to highlight, underline, strike through, and make notes to themselves. Other leaders like the ability to edit the RTFs and customize and reformat the session.  We want to hear from you! What do you find most useful on the DVD-ROM?

Lynn PryorLynn Pryor is the Publishing Team Leader with Bible Studies for Life and a veteran of a gazillion Bible study groups. A Texan who has made Tennessee home for almost 20 years, Lynn’s passion is engaging people in small group Bible study. In addition to two young adult sons, Lynn and his wife have a dysfunctional beagle.


  1. Sandy Duke says:

    Help! I can find the “ROM” files just fine. It’s the videos that I can’t get to play. What player/program do I use? I can see the files, they just will not play or launch. I have checked for updates on both Windows Media Player and DivXPlus Player.

    • Sandy Duke says:

      Aha! I opened them with Dell’s Media Direct and they played just fine!

    • Lynn Pryor says:

      Sandy, let’s see if we can figure out how you can access the videos on the DVD-ROM.

      1. When you insert the DVD-ROM in your computer’s DVD drive, it should launch your DVD player –and the video menu–automatically. If it doesn’t …

      2. Launch your DVD player first: either Windows Media Player and DivXPlus Player.

      3. Open the DVD-ROM from within your player (CTRL-O should do this). CTRL-O will open up a new window from which you can choose your DVD drive. Click on that, and choose the video. It should play.

      • David Greenshields says:

        We are having the same problem, we can not get the video’s to play. We followed the steps above and nothing happened. We have tried the DVD in two computers and it doesn’t work. Can we access the video’s by downloading from a website? Help please. Even without the videos we thought today’s lesson was awakening (this is the word our future son-in-law gave me). Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. opal bowles says:

    When the DVD is inserted, everything plays but the Leadership Tools – it will not open

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Opal. You need to open the DVD in either Windows Explorer or in Finder for Mac. Here’s an article we posted for people who were having the same problem as you. Blessings

  3. I have located the free music code but where do I put the code to download the music. Thank you!

    • Chris Swain says:

      The isntructuons should be with the pack insert. Simply login to and redeem the code there. Let me know if that does not work for you. Thanks!

  4. Sandy Duke says:

    Is there some way to share the teaching videos on the DVD-ROM with class members who were unable to attend that lesson?

    Also, the intro videos are awesome, however, I would have preferred an “Intro Video” for each lesson; preferably something we can share on facebook/twitter or via email. Just a suggestion…

    By the way, Adults like music too!
    Check out the Bible Studies for Life facebook page’s “Recent Posts by Others” column to find Spotify playlists each week:

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