Finding my Way Around the Bible Studies For Life Blog, Part 2

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In Part 1 of this post, we talked about the different kinds of blog posts you will typically see every week on the blog. We also touched on the Leader Extras and Latest Articles. Every Monday, you will see the extras and the articles that have been selected to go with the session two weeks after that, if you are following the suggested use dates in the Table of Contents of the Personal Study Guide.

But if you are not following that schedule, that doesn’t mean the articles and extra helps aren’t there. All you have to do is enter the Unit Title (Pressure Points, Do Over, etc) and the Session Number (1,2,3…) in the Search Bar. Remember to use quotes. It will filter your results better. Like this:

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The articles, by the way, all come from LifeWay’s family of magazines, such as  HomeLife, ParentLife, and MatureLiving, just to name a few. Based on the comments many of you have posted, these articles are one of the favorite features of Bible Studies For Life. Shameless sales pitch alert: If you like the articles we post, you should see the whole magazine!

What else can you find on the blog? Well, there’s the link to One Conversation: a weekly guide for parents to help them talk about what their kids are learning in Bible study.

There’s the Media tab, which directs you to video (right now) and music (under construction) that has been produced to go along with each unit.

And there’s the sermon outlines. Every unit of Bible Studies for Life has sermon outlines that have been written by pastors and communicators from around the country that will help your pastor support what is going on in small groups from the pulpit. Each unit has two sets of outlines: one theme based, which supports the theme of the small group session but uses different scriptures, and one text based, which deals with the same theme and the same Scripture passage used in the small group.

So there you have it: your guided tour of the Bible Studies For Life blog. In part 1, we compared this to getting a new car and figuring out what all the buttons do. So now that you’ve been introduced to all the features, why not take it out for a spin! And please let us know how we can improve it.


  1. Will you have artwork available for When Relationships Collide? The only artwork I see available to download is from Pressure Points. I used the artwork you provided for the Pressure Points study for my PowerPoint each week and would like to do the same for When Relationships Collide.

  2. I really really like the new Sunday School book format and the topics. I like that there is only 1 point and 1 set of scripture verses. It makes my reflection and application the following week easier. I also love the blog and the articles!! My husband and I have used the Bible studies family app when talking with our son on the lesson throughout the week. He likes it so much that he is always asking if he can watch the video. Thanks for these resources they are wonderful and help me focus on the lessons weeks after I have studied them!

  3. Melinda Cochran says:

    I have just this year followed God’s urging to teach a young adults/college and career Sunday School class and it corresponded to this new format. One thing that I want to encourage you to change: The scripture reading is a very light font and hard to see. Please consider making the scripture’s printing in DARK print. After all, it is the most important thing. I called on one to read some scripture one day and she struggled through it. Later I realized how light the print is in the student’s book. Otherwise I like the new format.
    Thanks for considering my suggestion!

    • James Jackson says:

      Hey Melinda! Thank you for the comment, and thank you even more for being obedient to what you’ve felt God saying to you about leading a group. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to the editor of Bible Studies For Life:Young Adults. Thanks again!

  4. Sue Clayton says:

    I like the 6-6-1 undated format – it allows a week to “make-up” if another program has stepped on the Sunday Bible Study one week, and on the whole I like the new teaching guide. The single discussion format is allowing more fluid, cohesive talking points. My one complaint is the teaser at the end of the lesson to send us to this website for “the rest of the story”. I will freely admit I mostly visit this website if I am looking for an alternate discussion route, but I am having difficulty finding the articles. Can we make it easier for those of us with limited time and patience?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sue – This is Cindy. The articles and leader extras are at Once you’re there you’ll see a tab called Articles. Once in the articles you can go to age level or topic. I find topic easiest because it gives the unit and session titles. There is also a Leader Extra tab and you’ll find age level and topic breakdown. On this one I like the age level because I can easily see the unit name and session number.

      We offer a variety of Leader Extras depending on the nuance of your group (like men, women, young adults, etc.). These are awesome extras if you have a niche group. Yes, there is a lot of incredible stuff to wade through because we want to help all groups reach their members.

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