Do Over, Session 2: Everyone’s Hero

By Mindy Thomas Sparks 

No matter what He may wear, God had a plan to save the world.

everyoneshero“Does God wear a cape?”  This was the question posed by our 4-year-old son riding home from a football game one Friday night. My husband and I looked at each other, smiled quizzically, and pondered just the right answer to give.

My husband, a pastor and therefore the resident theologian, answered first. “Whitt, the Bible doesn’t say God doesn’t wear a cape, so I guess it’s possible.” Whitt smiled, obviously satisfied with the answer.

As we proceeded to drive the rest of the way home, I thought to myself, What if God does wear a cape? Maybe He uses it to dry my tears when my heart shatters into a million pieces or wraps it around me when the coldness of agony or loneliness washes over me. Maybe He uses it as a sling to carry around the babies who have already gone to be with Him or lets the children take turns riding on it like my daddy used to do with us and a blanket down the hallway of my childhood home.

As Jesus was laid in the manger, He was our Hero, our Champion, our Savior.

The more I thought about it — God with a cape — the more I liked the idea. A superhero, not one who possessed minor powers or “spidey-senses,” but a real hero. One for the ages, for all people, for all humanity.

As Jesus was laid in the manger, He was our Hero, our Champion, our Savior — as if He traded His swaddling clothes for a cape; one He wore all the way to the cross. When we get to heaven, our eyes will see this Hero in all His glory. And I bet if He does have a cape, He will let us ride on it all the way to our mansion in glory. •

How is God working in your home life? 

Mindy Thomas Sparks is a pastor’s wife and mother of three from Arkansas. She teaches high school English and enjoys working with youth. She loves to travel, read, and laugh.

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  1. Tammye Burnham says:

    that was beautiful story thank GOD,I feel like he is definitely my superhero, champion and Savior glory be to God

  2. I love this. I have 8 grand sons and super heros run rampant around here. It is awesome to be able to relay it easily to our Savior with these thoughts. Thanks


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