Do Over, Session 6: Intro Options for Women’s Groups

To enhance your discussion of the introductory question, play the following clip:

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  • Is the Grinch at peace or at odds with his self-imposed isolation?
  • How does his isolation render the Grinch vulnerable?
  • What is scary about the Grinch’s situation?

Additional Ideas for Modifying Discussion Questions: 

  • Substitute Question Idea for Question 4: Why do we not know how to pray as we should as verse 26 says?
  • Substitute Question Idea for Question 5: If the Holy Spirit was taken from you, how would you miss Him?

We want to hear from you! How has your group come to realize the necessary presence and work of the Holy Spirit in their lives? 

emily jenningsEmily Jennings is a stay-at-home wife/mom. She teaches women’s Bible studies at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Cunningham, KY. Follow her at and on Twitter @emilyejennings

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