Do Over, Session 5: Media Option For Singles

To help illustrate the point, “We are not alone in facing our ongoing struggle with sin,” share this clip from the movie Smashed. Explain that in this clip, an alcoholic attends her first AA meeting, connects with a sponsor, and admits for the first time she has a problem with drinking. If you do not see the clip below, click here to watch on

Following the clip, lead group members to reflect on the Scripture, Romans 7:14-8:2.

  • The first step in a twelve step program is to admit you are powerless over your addiction. Where do you see Paul admitting his powerlessness over sin in this passage?
  • Why is having a sponsor so important to addiction recovery?
  • Who are your “sponsors” when it comes to battling your addiction to sin?
  • What are the challenges singles face in building accountability relationships?

We want to hear from you! How will you explore the topic, “A Fight You Can’t Win by Yourself” with your small group? 

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