Do Over Session 4: Introduction Option for Men

To introduce this week’s lesson on “An Identity You Must Embrace,” encourage men to share about times when they were mistaken for someone else. Ask: How did you respond? When have you made a similar mistake toward someone else?

Point out that mistaken identities can be embarrassing. Note that even celebrities are not immune from those situations. Share that Jase Robertson, one of the stars of the popular reality show “Duck Dynasty,” dealt with a case of mistaken identity earlier this year. Explain that Jase and his family were in New York to promote their show when he ran into a case of what he calls “facial profiling.”

Click here to read the full article and watch the Robertsons talk about the incident. 

Show the video clip. Ask: How do you think the hotel employee felt when he realized he had banished Jase to the streets—simply because of how he looked? Discuss responses. Affirm that the Robertsons really represent the idea that “looks can be deceiving.” Explain that today’s lesson also emphasizes that things are not always what they seem. When we come to Christ, we may look the same on the outside, but God is doing an incredible work on the inside. Challenge the men to examine how God is working on them as they study today’s lesson.

  • Substitute the following question for Question 3 in the Personal Study Guide: If a friend asked you what it means to live for God, how would you respond? What evidence from your own life could you point to?
  • Substitute the following question for Question 4 in the Personal Study Guide: What does it mean to live by grace in terms of your everyday life? How is it different from living under the law?
  • Substitute the following question for Question 5 in the Personal Study Guide: Paul talked about obeying from the heart (v. 17). On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being “low” and 10 being “high”), how would you rate your level of obedience? Why?

Share your thoughts. What has been the biggest change in your life since you came to Christ? What are some areas that He has been working on lately?

bob-150x150The options for men for the Do Over unit were written by Bob Bunn. Bob helps develop stewardship curriculum and resources for churches for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He is the author of Indelible Parenting, a four week study for parents based on Deuteronomy 6. He and his wife, Mary, live in Nashville with their three teenagers. 

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