Do Over, Session 2: Introduction Option for Boomers

To introduce the topic of “The Gift You Can’t Give Yourself,” share this YouTube video of “man on the street” style interviews. The question is asked, “How do you get to heaven?” Lead the boomers in your group to listen for answers that involve what a person can “do” in order to go to Heaven. If you do not see the video below, click here to watch on You Tube:

Following the video, discuss any reactions to the answers that were given to the question.

  • Our generation grew up with the idea that if you worked hard enough, you could accomplish anything. This is pretty much the “American Dream.” Do you think that’s why so many people believe you can “earn your way” to a right relationship with God? Why or why not?
  • In what ways does our generation’s ideal of independence and self-reliance get in the way of receiving the gospel?

Continue the session by highlighting The Point of the session: Jesus offers you His gift of a right relationship with God.

We want to hear from you! How will you introduce the topic of “The Gift You Can’t Give Yourself” with the Boomers in your group? 



  1. Alan Permenter says:

    Great adult extras!! Thanks so much for the efforts. Our youth teachers are struggling a little bit. What happened to the youth leaders extras for the winter?

    • Chris Swain says:

      Thanks for the question Alan! We will have extras up ASAP for your student leaders! I apologize that your leaders haven’t had them yet. I will will let you know when they are live so you can access them.

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