Do Over, Session 2: All Additional Resources

DO Session 2Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session:

And, here are some of the Leader Extras that were developed to help you customize this session for various kinds of groups:

  • For Boomers: Video of “man on the street” interviews, asking, “What does it take to get to Heaven?” (this one would be appropriate for any group)
  • For Men: Discussion of statistics related to relationships between believers and unbelievers
  • For Women: Discussion of Sheryl Sandberg, one of the wealthiest and most influential women in business today
  • Current Events Connection: video and discussion of this year’s Black Friday shopping madness.


  1. James Jackson says:

    Thanks, Linda, for the reply, and I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed with the resource. We do our best to provide resources for a wide range of groups. We focused on the categories we did (men, women, boomers, singles/young adults, parents) because we felt they would help the largest number of people customize the sessions. We realize there will inevitably be groups that we miss. One of the purposes for putting all the ideas together into one blog post is so you can see what is offered for all groups, and perhaps you’ll find something that resonates with your particular group.

    But beyond what LifeWay provides, the beauty of a social media presence such as a blog is that readers are invited to post their own ideas for customization. That is why I end every leader extras blog post with “We want to hear from you.” We will never be able to supply ideas for every kind of group. But as more people interact with this blog site, and get in the habit of contributing and not just consuming, then we can make each other better leaders.

    So, if any of you reading this have some ideas for how to modify the session specifically for single parents, please share them! Thanks again, Linda.

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