Do Over Session 1: Intro Option for Boomers


Page 8 of the Personal Study Guide refers to the children’s game “Operation” as an illustration of how making one mistake can disqualify you from the game. Here is a vintage commercial for the board game that may take many Boomers in your group back to their childhoods. If you don’t see the video below, click here to view the commercial directly on You Tube:

  • Make a list of other games that are based on the idea of “one mistake and you lose” (Jenga, Don’t Break the Ice, etc)
  • What are some games in which you win as long as you do better than someone else? (pretty much every competitive sport)
  • Of these two categories of games (one mistake and you’re out vs. doing better than someone else), which one is more descriptive of who we are without Christ?

Explain that according to the Bible, we don’t get into heaven because we are better than someone else. God’s standard is perfection, and the truth is, none of us meet it. Today’s session paints a realistic picture of that truth: We cannot meet God’s standard on our own.

We want to hear from you! How will you communicate the truths of today’s session with the Boomers in your small group? 

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