Do I Really Need A Leader Pack?

Exploded Pack 2

Just a few of the resources you will find in the adult Leader Pack

As a former education pastor who served on church staff for 18 years and provided leadership to the men and women who led Bible studies, I wish I had a quarter for every time a group leader told me, “I don’t want a Leader Pack!”  Actually, you do want a Leader Pack and I can think of two great reasons why it’s an essential tool for group leaders:

  1. Posters – the pack contains attractive maps and posters that enhance a group Bible study experience. While the posters can be displayed on a wall, a table (for a group that meets somewhere like a Panera Bread), or the floor (for those groups who meet in a home), there’s another way to use the posters you probably haven’t thought of.  The last time I taught a group Bible study, I cut up the poster into 3 sections, cutting out the three images that were on it (images of people in conflict). I set each picture in the middle of circles of 4 chairs and asked the group members to discuss what kind of conflict was taking place in the photo, and what the people might be saying to each other. This was a way to take something (the poster) and use it as a tool to create interaction between my group members. I’d never used a poster this way before, but I will again sometime in the near future…the group loved the experience and the interaction.  Plus, so many of our group leaders are visual learners, they appreciate seeing posters and other visual aids that enhance the group study experience.
  2. DVD ROM – inside each pack is a DVD ROM…the best kept secret in the world. There are so many great features on the DVD ROM that help me lead my group. Here are just a few:
  • The Leader Guide – the entire leader guide is contained on the DVD ROM and I can copy the files into a Word document each week and cut and paste my group Bible study together in no time at all. It saves me lots of time each week…I don’t have to type in the full text from the leader guide – it’s already there for me to whittle down to a plan that works for my group.
  • Videos – the author of the studies have recorded a video message to help me understand the topic we are studying.  It’s a great aid to my preparation as a group leader, and I feel like I have a better handle on how to lead my group sessions.
  • Social Media – if you’re into Facebook or Twitter like I am, or if you email your group members once or twice a week, then you’ll want these short, ready made social media postings.  I can copy and paste the text into a tweet, Facebook post, or an email to my group members. It encourages them to study their Bible, think about a particular question that relates to the upcoming study, or challenges them to act on what they have learned.
Folders in Leader Pack

View of the Files just in the “Adults” folder of DVD-Rom. The DVD-Rom has folders for Senior Adults, Young Adults, and General Leaders as well.

Those are just a few of the things you’ll discover in the Leader Pack for the adult curriculum you are using.  Have we convinced you? Click here and order a pack for your small group.

Ken BraddyKen Braddy is the Manager for LifeWay’s ongoing Bible studies, former church staff leader, and current small group leader at his church in Tennessee.  

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