Small Group Monday: The Exponential Power of a Church-Wide Campaign


Has your church ever considered a church-wide campaign? Some of you may be scratching your head about what that even means. Church-wide campaigns could be thought of as a sermon series on steroids. Beyond merely focusing the weekend message topics, campaigns “align everything that everybody is doing for the season.  Weekend sermons, small group curriculum, children’s Sunday School programming, student ministry programming, memory verses, newsletters, bulletin inserts, websites, everything is used to get everyone on the same page for six weeks.”

So says Small Group Specialist Mark Howell on his blog. Read the entire article by clicking here.  And if you’re ready to jump in with a church-wide of your own, please consider “Let Hope In,” the next series from Bible Studies for Life. We developed this one as a church wide campaign. Every age group is studying the same topics and the same Scripture passages. We also have two complete sets of sermon outlines—one text based and one theme based— for pastors to use as they prepare to align their messages with what is being discussed in the small groups. Click on the links below to download the outlines.



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