Making Plans for Christmas, (Alternate Christmas Session – December 21, 2014): Extra Activity for Collegiates

  Listen to the song “Joseph’s Lullaby” by Mercy Me to close out your group time. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on Vimeo Joseph’s Lullaby by MercyMe from Nathan Duvall on Vimeo. Joseph shows extraordinary love for Mary by the way he responds to the news of her pregnancy […]

Winter 2013-14 Preschool Unit Overviews

Click on the links below to see the Unit Overviews for Preschool during Winter 2013-14: Unit 1 Overview Unit 2 Overview

Winter 2013-14 Extra Christmas Session 2 for 3s-Kindergarten

Download Extra Christmas Session 2 here: Obeying Obeying Kids Activity Page

Winter 2013-14 Extra Christmas Session 1 for 3s-Kindergarten

Download Extra Christmas Session 1: Good News Good News Kids Activity Page

Bonus Christmas Session 2 for 1s and 2s

Click to download Bonus Christmas Session 2: Joseph Listened

Bonus Christmas Session 1 for 1s and 2s

Click to download the bonus Christmas Session 1: Good News.

Bonus Christmas Session for Babies

Click here to download the bonus Babies Christmas Session.

Preschool: Winter 2013-14: Special Focus: Jesus Was Born (12/22/13)

1s & 2s—Play with Sheep Figures Bible Story: Jesus Was Born Luke 2:1-20 Life Point: Jesus was born. Life Verse: Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Matthew 2:1 Christ Focus: Jesus came to earth to help us. Bible Focus: Shepherds came to visit Jesus. Materials: Teaching Picture 13, cardboard blocks, plastic or vinyl sheep figures Display […]

Winter 2013-14 Preschool Leader Extras with Suggested Dates

Winter 2013-14  Unit Overviews Bible Stories (with Teaching Pictures)   Unit 1: Jesus Taught* Session 1: Hoping (Suggested date: 12/1/13) OPTIONAL SESSIONS Mary Session 1-2 (Babies) (Suggested date: 12/1/13) Good News (1s and 2s) (Suggested date: 12/1/13) Good News (3s-Kindergarten) (Suggested date: 12/1/13) Session 2: Forgiving (Suggested date: 12/8/13) OPTIONAL SESSIONS Joseph Listened (1s and 2s) (Suggested date: 12/8/13) […]