Do Over, Session 6: Fear No Evil

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By Mary E. DeMuth 5 ways to overcome a spiritual attack Mommy, I’m hearing voices,” my youngest daughter told us when we lived overseas. “They’re telling me to do bad things like kick my brother and disobey you. They’re waking me up at night and scaring me.” We’d recognized her belligerence, but we chalked it […]

Pressure Points, Session 6: Negative Space


by Gary Chapman Are disappointment, resentment, anger, and frustration putting distance between you and your spouse? BRAD IS LYING IN BED, but he’s not sleeping. His back is turned toward Paige. He’s disappointed. Plus he’s angry and frustrated. Earlier that evening, he’d been laughing, smiling, and making comments to Paige about how beautiful she looked. […]

Pressure Points, Session 3: Nurture Not Neglect


by River Jordan All relationships struggle at some point, but whether they survive or divide depends largely on our ability to forgive.   I’ve burned some relationship bridges in my lifetime. Bridges — plural. Some relationships may indeed be so toxic they must be severed. But, sometimes, those burned bridges are symbols of unforgiveness. Most […]

Pressure Points, Session 6: A Formula For Grace


By Bill Beausay  We hate that we can’t earn grace and we hate that others worse than us don’t have to earn it. We want to work for it, and we want others to work for it too. But that’s not God’s math. OK, here’s my promise: By the time you finish reading this, you’ll […]

Pressure Points, Session 5: Start Here

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by Bill Farrel Healing relationships with grown children sometimes means dealing with past failures to move forward. David felt like he was all alone — with a story no one in our small group could understand. “Brittany cut her wrists last weekend. I don’t believe she intended to take her life, but I definitely heard […]

Pressure Points, Session 5: Daddy Warhide


by Shelley Anne Richter Zig Warhide was perhaps the most obstinate, cranky, critical human being I’d ever met. But in the early morning hours of September 8, 2000, this man changed my life.  Working in a retirement community, I dealt with people who appreciated the many activities that enriched their lives. Then there were others […]

Pressure Points, Session 5: Roommate Rivalry


By Becky Crandall  How to avoid roommate conflict before it starts Nearly 20 years ago, MTV introduced the world to its longest-running show, The Real World. The premise of the show was simple: Place strangers in a living space and see what drama unfolds. Watching people deal with difficult roommates makes for great television, but for thousands of students […]

The Pressure of Words – Free Devotion


This is the free Student devotional for Pressure Points: The Pressure of Words Session: WordsofGrace

Pressure Points, Session 3: Don’t Drive to Austin


By Jen Hatmaker I wrote a little book about our missional church. Then my husband wrote a little book along the same lines. Now everyone thinks our church is awesome. More awesome and spectacular than it is, actually. Real life is always less shiny than the print version. Because of this, I get frequent e-mails like this one […]

The Pressure of Partiality – Free Devotion


This is the free Student devotional for Pressure Points: The Pressure of Partiality Session: ANewWayOfLife