Pressure Points Session 6: Article and Questions

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Use the following article to get some insight into the Psychological Scientific viewpoint on revenge. CLICK HERE for the article. Keep in mind that this is the science communities take on the subject, not the Bible. It can be helpful to know the perspective that science brings to the table as that is what many […]

Pressure Points Session 6: Discussion Option for Men

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Question #4 in the “Pressure of Retaliation” session asks, “What does patience offer that retaliation or revenge never will?” This video tells the story behind Matthew West’s song “Forgiveness.” Matthew explains that the song was written based on the story of a family’s forgiveness of a young man who killed their daughter in a drunk […]

Pressure Points Session 6: Discussion Option for Boomers

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Ask group members to read the story about Carl Ericcson on PSG p.60 (first paragraph).  Brainstorm other ways that adults are known to retaliate against other adults when they feel wronged.  Expand the discussion by asking group members to describe a situation in which one of their own children were involved in an act of […]

Pressure Points Session 6: Current Events Connection/Live It Out Option for Parents

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To supplement the “Live It Out” activities, ask parents how much time they spent last spring watching updates about the Boston Marathon bombing and the chase to capture the suspects. Affirm that much of the nation was captivated by the search, which culminated in the death of one suspect and the capture of another. Remind […]

Pressure Points Session 6: Live It Out Option for Women

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We come to church on Sunday with our emotions tucked neatly away, dressed in our best (for me that means my best jeans!), and we put on our saintly church lady smile. Underneath we squash the anger, the need for revenge, and the ugly desire to get even. We are all mad about something: the […]

Pressure Points Session 6, Optional Discussion Questions for Young Adults/Collegiates


Want more options? Below are some additional questions you can use in place of or in addition to the discussion questions already in the teaching plan for Session 6, The Pressure of Retaliation Icebreaker: When you’ve been wronged, which motto do you most relate to? Why? Forgive and Forget Forgive, But Never Forget Never Forgive, […]

Pressure Points Session 5: Additional Engage Option


If standard tug-of-war sounds boring or doesn’t fit your group, try the iOS app version, The same concept applies as in the real game but this version might be a bigger win for your particular group. Of course and Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will be required to play.

Pressure Points Session 4: Helpful Article

As you lead students on the topic of The Pressure of Words, use this article by Michael Hyatt as a way to help them contextualize how powerful our words can be. You may want to read it aloud or simply summarize the message for your group.        

Pressure Points Session 3: Additional Illustration

Use this additional illustration somewhere in your session to help with conversation. Summarize this story, which appeared in multiple news outlets on August 16, 2013 (Enter the phrase “Duck Dynasty facial profiling” in your search engine for more specifics). While in New York, Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was mistaken for a homeless man […]

The Pressure of Conflict – Free Devotion


This is the free Student devotional for Pressure Points: The Pressure of Conflict Session: TrueWisdom