And It Was Good, Bonus Session 1: God’s Work of Creation


This week, you and your students will focus on God’s creation and its amazing testimony of His greatness. In Genesis, we find the detailed account of God creating the heavens and the earth. In Psalm 104, the majesty of the Creator is celebrated by the psalmist as he looks around and takes note of the beauty all [...]

And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work of Creation): Intro Option for Parent groups


Have you ever thought about the fact that we are creative because we have been made in the image of a creative God? Do you think of yourself as a creative person? What about your kids? Do you see them as creative? Do they see themselves as creative? Share the following quote from Christopher Bergland, [...]

And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work Of Creation): Optional Closing Activity for Collegiates


Play the video “The Greatness of our God” by Hillsong. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on You Tube. As they are listening, invite your group members to silently consider the following questions: What have you seen or experienced recently that leads you to praise God? In your own life, [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 6 (Victorious Faith): All Additional Resources


  We are pleased to offer suggested music for each session. These are links to purchase the songs on iTunes, as well as links to, which provides lead sheets, accompaniment tracks, and other resources for certain songs. Click here for Suggested music for the Resilient Faith unit Here are the magazine articles that were selected [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 6 (Victorious Faith): Extra Activity for Collegiates  


Before the Session Obtain enough index cards for each person in your group to have one Consider completing the following exercise yourself before you ask you group to do this experience  During the Session This exercise could be considered for a closing activity before your group prays to dismiss Give each individual in your group [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 6: Victorious Faith


As we wrap up our study on resilient faith, we will focus on the strength of the Lord and the victory we experience when God carries us through trials and suffering. This week, encourage your students to cast their cares upon the Lord because of His great love for them. He calls us to humbly [...]

And It Was Good, Session 1(God’s Work of Creation): Introduction Option for Boomers


Many members of the Baby Boomer Generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) will remember Christmas Eve, 1968. An estimated television audience of 1 billion, the largest single TV audience in history at that time, listened as James Lovell, Command Module pilot of Apollo 8, Commander Frank Borman, and Lunar Module pilot Bill Anders took [...]

And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work of Creation): Intro Option and Discussion for Women’s Groups


    As you begin, invite the women in your group to share favorite natural vacation spots. Ask, “What is it about that place that makes it your favorite?” Show “In the beginning, the Most High created the heaven and the earth.” If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on YouTube.  [...]

And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work of Creation): Introduction Option for Men


  As an introduction to today’s lesson, challenge your men to think about our God’s power, wisdom, and love. Summarize the following paragraph. He is powerful. He is powerful enough to speak things into existence. God spoke, it exists. He is wise. He designed every detail of the earth and its’ inhabitants precisely and perfectly, [...]

Grades 1-6 EXTRA for Summer 2014 (Including Bonus Session for 14 Sunday Quarter!)

Unit 1: God Is … Session 1: Holy (June 1, 2014) Session 2: Loving (June 8, 2014) Session 3: Righteous (June 15, 2014) Session 4: Forgiving (June 22, 2014) Session 5: Wise (June 29, 2014) Session 6: Faithful (July 6, 2014) Unit 2: It’s Not Always Easy Session 1: Hard to Hope  (July 13, 2014) Session 2: Hard to [...]