Connected, Session 1: Connected in Christ


As you begin this new series about church membership, it is important to first help students understand the importance of being a part of the body of Christ. There are many blessings in being a member of a local church. It’s truly a gift. With Jesus as the Cornerstone of His church, the people of [...]

And It Was Good, Session 2: Our Work with Creation


In the passages of Scripture you’ll be studying with your students this week, the Lord gives His people a command to observe a Sabbath for the land (Leviticus 25:1-5). The Israelites were to honor and obey the Lord by allowing the land to be left alone on the seventh year. In addition to being good [...]

And It Was Good, Bonus Session 1: God’s Work of Creation


This week, you and your students will focus on God’s creation and its amazing testimony of His greatness. In Genesis, we find the detailed account of God creating the heavens and the earth. In Psalm 104, the majesty of the Creator is celebrated by the psalmist as he looks around and takes note of the beauty all [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 6: Victorious Faith


As we wrap up our study on resilient faith, we will focus on the strength of the Lord and the victory we experience when God carries us through trials and suffering. This week, encourage your students to cast their cares upon the Lord because of His great love for them. He calls us to humbly [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 5: Joyful Faith


This week, you and your students will have the opportunity to discuss the role of joy in suffering. Your students may struggle to how joy is even possible during difficult circumstances or times of persecution. THIS ARTICLE provides additional insight into the difference between happiness and joy. It’s written by “Grace Taylor,” a woman who [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 4: Ready Faith


This week, you and your students will discuss suffering and faith. We will all, though in different ways, encounter suffering. How do you handle suffering? How do your students handle suffering? In this week’s session, we learn that suffering brings opportunities to point to Jesus. In THIS VIDEO, Kay Arthur answers the question: If God [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 3: Enduring Faith


This week, you and your students will discuss 1 Peter 2 and having an enduring faith when in difficult circumstances. In verses 13 & 17, Peter tells the first-century Christians to “honor the emperor.” As you discuss these verses and content, current politics may come up in your discussion. Russell Moore is president of the [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 2: Active Faith


As you talk to your students this week about what it means to live a life that is set apart for God, think about what holiness means. In the video below, Sid Koop answers the question, “What does ‘holy’ mean to us?” Watch the video and answer the following questions. Was Sid’s explanation of holiness helpful? [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 1: Focused Faith


As you begin this new series Resilient Faith, we first talk about hope. In this week’s study, the author writes, “In many ways, it’s our ability to hope for something better and bigger than our current situation that enables us to act in faith…In the Book of 1 Peter, the author doesn’t just tell us [...]

God Is…, Session 6: God is Faithful


In the video below, Jefferson Bethke addresses people’s response to Scripture where Jesus asks his disciples to give Him their lives. Bethke explains an interesting counterargument to these objections. As you discuss God’s faithfulness this week, help your students remember how He is faithful and what our response to His faithfulness should be—we owe Him our [...]