Overcome, Session 2: Overcome Temptation


This week you will discuss how to overcome temptation with your students. As you discuss the story of Joseph and the temptation he faced in Potiphar’s house, it will be helpful to give your students some specific ways we can fight temptation when it comes. Ben Stuart leads the campus ministry at Texas A&M University. […]

Overcome, Session 1: Overcome Betrayal


Betrayal is painful. It’s something no one wants to experience. But because of sin, relationships will fall apart. People will let us down. We will experience betrayal. Your students have likely experienced betrayal in one way or another. Some will greatly identify with the story of Joseph because they have been betrayed by close friends […]

Connected, Session 6: Connected through Prayer

Prayer is important. We know this, but so often we’re not sure how to pray or what to say. The same is true for your students. They know they need to pray, but they may not know how. As you discuss praying for your church this week, it will be helpful to give your students […]

Connected, Session 5: Connected in Service

Serving others is good for your students. It teaches countless lessons and greatly influences them as they grow into adulthood. This article describes some of the reasons serving others is beneficial for teenagers. Most importantly, serving is a way to share the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel with people both inside […]

Connected, Session 4: Connected through Words


This week you will be discussing the significance of words with your students as you study Ephesians 4:25-32. This is a very important topic for teenagers. Every day they’re faced with the temptation to cut others down in order to make themselves look better. Bullying is a major issue at school, on the field, at […]

Connected, Session 3: Connected in Growth


This week, you have the opportunity to help your students understand how they can serve the church. You’ll probably have students in your group who are eager to learn how they can serve. That’s great! Walk alongside them as they discover how God has uniquely gifted them and help them get connected in an area […]

Connected, Session 2: Connected in Unity

The topic of unity is incredibly important in student ministry. You know from experience that students in your ministry are very different from one another. They represent different ages, interests, backgrounds, etc. Each student is incredibly valuable and completely unique from other students. How do you bring all these students together and help them grow […]

Connected, Session 1: Connected in Christ


As you begin this new series about church membership, it is important to first help students understand the importance of being a part of the body of Christ. There are many blessings in being a member of a local church. It’s truly a gift. With Jesus as the Cornerstone of His church, the people of […]

And It Was Good, Session 2: Our Work with Creation


In the passages of Scripture you’ll be studying with your students this week, the Lord gives His people a command to observe a Sabbath for the land (Leviticus 25:1-5). The Israelites were to honor and obey the Lord by allowing the land to be left alone on the seventh year. In addition to being good […]

And It Was Good, Bonus Session 1: God’s Work of Creation


This week, you and your students will focus on God’s creation and its amazing testimony of His greatness. In Genesis, we find the detailed account of God creating the heavens and the earth. In Psalm 104, the majesty of the Creator is celebrated by the psalmist as he looks around and takes note of the beauty all […]