Grades 1-6: Be Kind: Special Focus — Lydia and Paul (August 30)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Mirror Game No materials needed Group kids into pairs. Choose one kid in each pair to be the leader and the other kid to be the mirror. The leader of each pair moves his body slowly and the mirror copies the movements. After a few minutes, swap roles in the […]

Grades 1-6: Life in Christ : Session 6 — The Church Began (August 23)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Pancake Flip Small skillets, plastic lids, chairs Group kids into two teams. Give each team a skillet and a plastic lid. Show kids how to flip the lid in the pan (like a pancake). Say: “We will have a relay race. As you walk to the other side and back, […]

Grades 1-6: Life in Christ : Session 5 — Thomas Believed (August 16)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Verse Scramble Different colors of construction paper, marker, scissors Print the Life Verse on different colors of construction paper. Cut each verse into 4-6 pieces. (Each kid will need a piece.) Mix the pieces. Guide kids to sit around the play area. (They can be spaced out; they do not […]

Grades 1-6: Life in Christ : Session 4—The Holy Spirit (August 9)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Bible Book Race Magnet letters, magnet board (oil drip pan), timer Say: “We have a challenge. We are going to see how many books of the Bible we can spell in 1 minute.” Group the kids into pairs. Guide kids to line up with their partners. Place the magnet board […]

Grades 1-6: Life in Christ : Session 3— How to Pray (August 2)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Changing Chairs Game Circle of chairs Guide each kid to sit in a chair. Tell kids to listen to the characteristics that you will say. If what you say applies to them, they should stand and move to a different chair. Call out different characteristics: has a brother; has a […]

Grades 1-6: Life in Christ : Session 2— A Woman at the Well (July 26)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Spell and Sit No materials needed Guide kids to stand in a circle. Choosing one kid to start, lead kids to spell Jesus’ name (each kid says a letter to spell J-E-S-U-S). The kid who says the last S sits down. The next kid starts with J again. Continue spelling […]

Grades 1-6: Life in Christ : Session 1— Nicodemus (July 19)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Nighttime Mural Large pieces of dark-colored paper, yellow and white construction paper, scissors, neon markers, metallic pens, glue sticks, other appropriate art materials Tape large pieces of dark paper to the walls. Place art materials near the dark paper. Lead kids to create nighttime scenes on the paper. They may […]

Grades 1-6: Be a Leader: Session 6—Samuel (July 12)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Definition Wall Large paper, tape, markers Print What does serve mean? on several pieces of large paper. Tape the papers around the room. Lay markers with each piece of paper. Guide kids to print their ideas or draw pictures of their ideas about serving. Say: “We will talk about serving […]

Grades 1-6: Be a Leader: Session 5—Hannah (July 5)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Making Words Paper, pencils Display these letters (on a large piece of paper or a white board): a, i, m, n, o, p, r, t, t. Give kids paper and pencils. Tell kids to create as many words as they can from these letters. Say: “One word will use all […]

Grades 1-6: Be a Leader: Session 4—Deborah (June 28)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Random Scavenger Hunt Gift bags (one per team), variety of small items (markers, crayons, small blocks, coins, cotton balls, small books, pencils, pens, notepads, and so forth; use whatever items you have on hand) Place the small items around the room, easily visible but not all in the same area. […]