Grades 1-6 Extra for Fall 2014

Unit 1: Making Connections (One Conversation Placemat) Session 1 – Miriam and Moses (September 7)  – Ministry Grid Training Video (Special Buddies – Miriam Cared) Session 2 – Moses Led the People from Egypt  (September 14) – Ministry Grid Training Video (Broadly Graded – Mini Weather Vane – Pic A, Pic B) Session 3 – The Israelites Crossed the Red Sea (September 21) – Ministry Grid Training [...]

Grades 1-6 EXTRA for Summer 2014 (Including Bonus Session for 14 Sunday Quarter!)

Unit 1: God Is … Session 1: Holy (June 1, 2014) Session 2: Loving (June 8, 2014) Session 3: Righteous (June 15, 2014) Session 4: Forgiving (June 22, 2014) Session 5: Wise (June 29, 2014) Session 6: Faithful (July 6, 2014) Unit 2: It’s Not Always Easy Session 1: Hard to Hope  (July 13, 2014) Session 2: Hard to [...]

Grades 1-6: Special Focus – Thanksgiving (November 30)

Scripture: 1 Kings 17:8-24 Grades 1-3  Introductory Activity – Thanks Acrostic Copies of paper with THANKS written down the left side of the page, pencils Give kids copies of the acrostic and pencils. Guide kids to think of things for which they are thankful that start with each letter. They can work alone or in [...]

Grades 1-6: God Can Help: Session 6 – Provide (November 23)

Scripture: Genesis 50 Grades 1-3  Introductory Activity – Wants/Needs Sort Paper squares, markers or pencils, 2 gift bags, plastic bowl Print Wants on a square and Needs on a square. Tape one of the squares to each gift bag. Place the gift bags at one end of the playing area. Place the bowl, markers, and [...]

Grades 1-6: God Can Help: Session 5 – Forgive (November 16)

Scripture: Genesis 42–45 Grades 1-3  Introductory Activity – Back-and-Forth Run Masking tape Use tape to make lines at either end of the playing area. Divide kids between the lines. Tell kids to stand facing each other. Go down each line and assign a letter from Joseph’s name to each kid. (First kid is J, second [...]

Grades 1-6: Connect to God: Session 4 – Work (November 9)

Scripture: Genesis 41 Grades 1-3  Introductory Activity – Money Walls Large pieces of paper, markers Tape large pieces of paper to the various walls around the room. Print one of these starters on each paper: If I had $10, I would…; If I had $100, I would…; If I had $1000, I would…; If I [...]

Grades 1-6: God Can Help: Session 3 – Loneliness (November 2)

Scripture: Genesis 39:21–40:23 Grades 1-3  Introductory Activity – A Great Thing to Do No supplies needed. Guide kids to stand in a circle. Start the game by saying: “A great thing to do is _____.” The kid on your right says: “A great thing to do is [your comment] and ______.” The next kid says [...]

Grades 1-6: God Can Help: Session 2 – Resist (October 26)

Scripture: Genesis 39 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Move Away Paper squares and tape or self-stick notes, marker Print these words on paper squares or notes: mouse, cat, dog, lion, elephant. Make multiple copies of each word, enough for each kid to have a word. When a kid arrives, attach a animal word to his [...]

Grades 1-6: God Can Help: Session 1 – Heal (October 19)

Scripture: Genesis 37 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – If You Have No supplies needed. Gather kids in the middle of the meeting space. Say: “Today we are going to talk about a family. Let’s think about our families. If you have a brother, touch something red. If you have no sisters, touch something blue. If [...]

Grades 1-6: Making Connections: Session 6 – Connect Through Prayer (October 12)

Scripture: Exodus 3:1–4:17; 15:22-26; 32:11-14; 34:29-32 Grades 1-3  Introductory Activity – Ring Toss Cardboard tubes, chenille stems, marker, tape (optional) Print the letters P, R, A, Y on cardboard tubes. Make several sets of letters. Arrange the tubes, spacing them out so a ring will fit over it. You may want to use a small [...]