Preschool: Spring 2014: Special Focus: Jesus Is Alive! (April 20)

1s & 2s—Wave Green Streamers Bible Story: People Welcomed Jesus Matthew 21:1-11,14-16   Life Point: People loved Jesus and welcomed Him.   Bible Phrase: People shouted words of love to Jesus. Matthew 21:9 Christ Focus: Jesus is alive and He loves us. Bible Focus: People put palm branches on the road as Jesus went by. [...]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Unit 2: Session 6: Share Hope (May 25)

1s & 2s—Walk on a Tape Line Bible Story: Peter Helped a Man Walk Acts 3:1-10,16 Life Point: People help me know about God and Jesus. Bible Phrase: God loves us. 1 John 4:10 Christ Focus: Jesus deserves praise and glory for all blessings. Bible Focus: Peter helped a man walk. Materials: Teaching Picture 12, [...]

Preschool: Unit 2: Session 5: Hope Again and Again (May 18)

1s & 2s—Move to Music Bible Story: Questions for Peter John 18:15-18,25-27; 21:15-19 Life Point: Jesus loves me all the time. Bible Phrase: Jesus said, “I love you.” John 15:9 Christ Focus: Jesus loves us even when we deny or disappoint Him. Bible Focus: Jesus loved Peter and Jesus loves me. Materials: Teaching Picture 11, [...]

Preschool: Unit 2: Session 4: Give Thanks for Hope (May 11)

1s & 2s—Play with a Rolling Picture Box Bible Story: David’s Thank You Psalm 138:1-8   Life Point: I can thank God for His love. Bible Phrase: God made us special Psalm 8:5 Christ Focus: Jesus taught us to thank God for all things. Bible Focus: David thanked God for His love. Materials: Teaching Picture [...]

Preschool: Unit 1: Session 3: We Have Hope (May 4)

1s & 2s—Work People Puzzles Bible Story: A Surprise Welcome Home Luke 15:11-32    Life Point: God will always love me. Bible Phrase: God loves us. 1 John 4:10 Christ Focus: Jesus taught people about the Father’s unconditional love. Bible Focus: God loves people. Materials: Teaching Picture 9, puzzles featuring people. Lay the Teaching Picture [...]

Preschool: Unit 2: Session 2: Jesus Gave Hope (April 27)

1s & 2s—Go on a Nature Walk Bible Story A Man Asked Jesus to Help Matthew 8:1-13  Life Point: I know Jesus cares for me. Bible Phrase: God made us special. Psalm 8:5  Christ Focus: We can believe that Jesus cares about us and wants to help us. Bible Focus: Jesus traveled to places to [...]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Unit 2: Session 1: People Need Hope (April 13)

1s & 2s—Fold Washcloths Bible Story: David Showed Love 2 Samuel 9:1-13   Life Point: People love me. Bible Phrase: God made us special. Psalm 8:5  Christ Focus: Jesus does not spare His love for anyone. Bible Focus: David helped Mephibosheth.  Materials: Teaching Picture 7, small laundry basket, several clean washcloths Place the washcloths in [...]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Unit 1: Session 6: Rest (April 6)

1s & 2s—Read on a Sleeping Bag Bible Story: Rest for Moses Exodus 31   Life Point: God said we are to rest after working. Bible Phrase: God said, “Work six days; then rest.” Exodus 31:15 Christ Focus: Jesus bears our burdens and gives us rest. Bible Focus: God wants people to rest. Materials: Teaching [...]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Unit 1: Session 5: Build (March 30)

1s & 2s—Make a Cardboard Box Church Bible Story: Building the Tent Church Exodus 25:4–36:6; 39:32-43   Life Point: People can give and help do God’s work. Bible Phrase: Be happy when you give. 2 Corinthians 9:7  Christ Focus: Jesus willingly gave Himself. Bible Focus: People helped build the tent church. Materials: Bible, large appliance [...]

Preschool: Unit 1: Session 4: Work Together (March 23)

1s & 2s—Set the Table Bible Story: Special Instructions Exodus 35:4-35    Life Point: God wants people to work together. Bible Phrase: Work together. Ephesians 6:7  Christ Focus: Jesus call the church to join Him in His mission. Bible Focus: The people worked together to help build the tent church.  Materials: Teaching Picture 4, toy [...]