Ministry in the Face of Mental Illness: Additional Questions

mental illness

Ice Breaker How does our society usually react toward a person with mental illness? When we encounter a person who shows symptoms of mental illness, what should we do? What shouldn’t we do? What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you when you’ve been heartsick? What cheers you up when you’re down? Who do […]

Overcome, Session 6 (Overcome an Earthly Mindset): Additional Questions


The Point: We can trust God is at work on our behalf. Icebreaker What could you do to increase your confidence that God is at work on your behalf in your most difficult situation? How can you believe that God is at work on your behalf when you can’t see what He is doing? Where on […]

Overcome, Session 5 (Overcome Bitterness): Additional Questions


The Point: Relationships can only move forward with forgiveness.  Icebreaker Why is it so hard for us to forgive someone who has greatly harmed us? What kind of situations are the hardest for you to forgive? Why does forgiving feel like losing? How does it feel to be forgiven a great debt? Why is unforgiveness unsatisfying? […]

Overcome, Session 4 (Overcome Hard Times): Additional Questions


The Point: God has a plan to see you through any crisis.  Icebreaker What kind of crisis frequently makes you unsure about the future? Can you describe the most hopeless day of your life? Have you ever encountered an impossible problem? What is the worst crisis our nation has ever faced? What is a situation you […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Additional Questions


The Point: Keep doing what God has gifted you to do.  Icebreaker What circumstances sometimes make you feel that you have been forgotten? What circumstances sometimes make you feel that God has little or no purpose for your life? Think about a time in your life when everything went wrong? Are we more victims of circumstance […]

Overcome, Session 2 (Overcome Temptation): Additional Questions


The Point: It’s easier to resist temptation when you know what’s at stake.  Icebreaker  Why is it common to hear the lament “Oh, if I had only known!”? What are some negative side effects of medications you take? Picture yellow caution tape. What serves as caution tape for you? What’s the first thing that comes to […]

Overcome, Session 1 (Overcome Betrayal): Additional Questions


The Point: God is at work, even when it’s not obvious.  Icebreaker  Why do we often fail to notice God at work in our lives? Why did most of us fail to notice God at work as we came to Bible study today? What betrayal have you seen in recent, current events in the news? […]

Connected, Session 6 (Connected Through Prayer): Additional Questions


  The Point: Support Your Church Through Prayer Icebreaker If you got into trouble and could make one phone call, whose number would you dial? Would you rather: Pray in front of a large group of people or sit and listen to a 3-hour prayer? When you think of prayer, what comes to mind? What […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): All Additional Resources


  Here are two songs from LifeWay worship that have been selected to go along with the Connected study. They can both be found on BSFL Songs Volume 1: “This is Our Prayer” ties to the 2nd session on Ephesians 4:1-6 “Speak Through Me” ties to the 4th session on  Ephesians 4:25-32. Here are the magazine articles that […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Additional Questions


  The Point: Serving in the Church is not about what I want. Icebreaker What is something you have always wanted? What is something you always wanted and never got? What’s the toughest part of not getting what you want? What’s the toughest part of seeing others get their way? Ephesians 5:15-17 Why do our desires […]