Ready, Session 3 (Ready When Sickness Comes to Stay): Additional Questions


The Point: God’s Grace is sufficient, even in times of sickness. Opening Question What kinds of sicknesses make you feel afraid? What are some of your favorite “home remedies” for illness? When you get sick, are you one who:  goes to the doctor, toughs it out, or lays on the couch and makes everyone else […]

Ready, Session 2 (Ready to Help the Poor): Additional Questions


The Point: Demonstrate God’s heart for the poor. Opening Question How would you explain the concept of homelessness to a child? How would you explain the causes of homelessness to a child? When have you been helpless and needed someone to help you even though they would receive nothing in return? How does our society […]

Ready, Session 1 (Ready When Injustice Prevails): Additional Questions


The Point: God calls us to defend those who can’t defend themselves   Opening Question   When you defended someone who was weaker than you? What is your initial reaction when you see people being treated unjustly? Where do you see examples of people suffering injustice in our community? In our world? If you were […]

Storm Shelter, Session 6 (The Shelter of God’s Protection): Additional Questions


The Point: God is My Ultimate Protector Opening Question What are the limitations of protection that we can provide for each other? What actions do you take to protect yourself and your family on a daily basis? When do you most often need protection during typical week? How would you describe your parents’ parenting style? […]

Storm Shelter, Session 5 (The Shelter of God’s Peace): Additional Questions


The Point: God is the ultimate source of peace in the midst of turmoil. Opening Question How is peace more than just the absence of problems? What are the barriers to peace in our lives? I could have some peace in my life if it wasn’t for… Which body of water best describes your life […]

Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Additional Questions


The Point: God encourages me when I feel overwhelmed. Opening Question 1. In what kinds of situations do senior adults battle feelings of being overwhelmed? 2. What happens to a body when it gets dehydrated? How does a soul get dehydrated?” 3. In what season of your life were you most desperate for encouragement? 4. […]

Storm Shelter, Session 3 (The Shelter of God’s Forgiveness): Additional Questions

The Point: God’s forgiveness brings restoration and joy. Opening Question In what ways are our unforgiven sins like a heavy weight we must carry? What is the heaviest weight you carry on a regular basis? When do you most feel the sensation of absolute relief? (this could also go with Psalm 32:1-2) What recharges you? What […]

Storm Shelter, Session 2 (The Shelter of God’s Salvation): Additional Questions


Opening Question What are you afraid of? What scares you? About how long does delight in a new gadget last? Why is that? What do you depend on daily that is 100% dependable? How dependable would you rate the things you depend on daily? What brings you the greatest delight and why? (this idea was […]

Storm Shelter, Session 1 (The Shelter of God’s Presence): Additional Questions


Opening Question  Suppose you could know what tomorrow holds, would you want to know? Why or why not? What have you used for shelter when you’ve been caught in a storm? What do you do when you get caught outside in a storm? How effective are umbrellas in sheltering you from a storm? What was […]

Ministry in the Face of Mental Illness: Additional Questions

mental illness

Ice Breaker How does our society usually react toward a person with mental illness? When we encounter a person who shows symptoms of mental illness, what should we do? What shouldn’t we do? What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you when you’ve been heartsick? What cheers you up when you’re down? Who do […]