Like Glue, Session 6 (Stick With Acceptance): Additional Questions

The Point: Strong relationships are not hindered by differences of opinion. Opening Question What do you like best about arguments and disagreements? When have you had to admit you were wrong? Complete this statement: Strong differences of opinion can lead to strong… Do you think a perfect world would be where people are all alike […]

Like Glue, Session 5 (Stick With Humility): Additional Questions

The Point: Humbly place the needs of others before your own. Opening Question When have you felt awkward as another family’s dinner guest? What images come to mind when you hear the word “submission”? How has the world’s attitude toward submission changed in your lifetime? Why do many consider submission a dirty word? What is […]

Like Glue, Session 4 (Stick With Service): Additional Questions

The Point: Seize the opportunity to serve.   Opening Question Have you ever gotten really excited to buy something, and then never used it? When have you had a great experience with customer service? How is service the superglue of relationships? When’s the last time you received stellar service? What responsibilities in your life most […]

Like Glue, Session 3 (Stick With Forgiveness): Additional Questions

The Point: Relationships grow deeper with forgiveness Opening Question What’s the hardest test you’ve ever taken? What would you say are the #1 killers and keepers of intimacy in relationships? When is forgiveness easy and not so easy? What was the best customer service experience you’ve had when a business had to tell you “we’re […]

Like Glue, Session 2 (Stick With Encouragement): Additional Questions

The Point: Encouragement strengthens relationships.   Opening Question What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep? What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? Name the top five things you think humans absolutely must have to survive and thrive. If you were stranded on a desert island, what, besides food and water, would you need […]

Like Glue, Session 1 (Stick With Love): Additional Questions


The Point: Let love permeate every relationship Opening Question Would you rather eat stale bread or drink day-old coffee? What could use a little “freshening up” in your life? Who was your first good friend in elementary school and what made you become friends? What was the first birthday party you were invited to attend […]

Like No Other, Session 5 (Death Like No Other): Additional Questions

  The Point: Jesus’ death is the heart of the gospel. Icebreaker When have you been given less respect than you deserved? Been unfairly mistreated? Suffered abuse? What did you do (or want to do) about it? What is the greatest sacrifice you’ve ever given for someone else? How did it impact them? Who sacrificed […]

Like No Other, Session 4 (Teaching Like No Other): Additional Questions

  The Point: Jesus teaches us how to live and calls us to follow Him. Icebreaker Finish the sentence: Young people today would be better off if they could just learn… Where did you learn your most valuable lessons about everyday living? Who was the most influential teacher you’ve ever had? What made his/her teaching […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): Additional Questions


The Point: Jesus has power over all my fears. Icebreaker What worries you for yourself? For your children or grandchildren? For your nation or world? What has become a fear recently that didn’t used to concern you? What are some of your most recent storms? Where was your focus? In what ways have some storms […]

Like No Other, Session 2 (A Birth Like No Other): Additional Questions


The Point: Jesus is fully human and fully God. Icebreaker If you needed life-saving treatment, would you want an average doctor to whom you could easily relate or a medical genius who was magnificently skilled but couldn’t communicate on your level? Why do you need a Savior who is both fully human and yet fully […]