Storm Shelter, Session 1(The Shelter of God’s Presence): Introduction Option for Men’s Groups.


  To help introduce The Point of today’s session, “God is with me no matter what I am facing,” share the following segment from the movie Apollo 13: [] (1:41 in length). Note: Apollo 13 received a PG rating for profanity. You can download a viewing guide from James Dobson’s Focus on the Family by clicking here. […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Live It Out Option for Men


To conclude this session on how Joseph was seemingly forgotten, show the final scene from Rudy. Explain (for anyone that hasn’t seen the movie), that Rudy Rutiger was on the practice squad for Notre Dame for his entire college career. The previous coach had promised him that he would dress for one game, but when Notre Dame […]

Overcome, Session 2 (Overcome Temptation): Introduction option for Men’s Groups


As you begin your session on overcoming temptation, show this video clip from the classic It’s A Wonderful Life. On the off chance that someone in your group hasn’t seen the movie, explain that George Bailey runs the only bank in a small town that isn’t controlled by the greedy, evil Mr Potter. If you don’t see […]

Overcome, Session 1 (Overcome Betrayal): Introduction Option


This option would work great for men, parents, or Boomers. Begin the session by showing the “This is Sports Center” commercial featuring Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on You Tube. After the video discuss these questions: What in the video indicates a sibling rivalry? […]

Connected, Session 4 (Connected Through Words): All Additional Resources

  Here are two songs from LifeWay worship that have been selected to go along with the Connected study. They can both be found on BSFL Songs Volume 1: “This is Our Prayer” ties to the 2nd session on Ephesians 4:1-6 “Speak Through Me” ties to the 4th session on  Ephesians 4:25-32. Here are the magazine articles that […]

Connected, Session 4 (Connected Through Words): Intro Option for Men’s/Parent’s groups


  To lead into the Bible study, remind group members of The Point of the study: Our words matter. Show the clip from The Pursuit of Happyness (Sony Pictures, 2006) in which the main character, Chris Gardner, squelches his sons dreams. Direct group members to watch for the reaction of Chris’ son and what the […]

Connected, Session 3 (Connected in Growth): Live It Out Option for Parent’s or Men’s groups

  Close the study by showing the scene from Courageous (Sherwood Pictures, 2011) where Adam talks with the other men and presents his resolution to become a better father. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on   Explain to group members that the spiritual growth of our children is […]

Connected, Session 2 (Connected in Unity): Live It Out Option for Parent’s groups


One way to strengthen the unity in the church is to pull the different age groups together. Share this idea with parents: Partner with the senior adults in your church to build relationships with your kids. The Fuller Youth Institute has written “40+ Ways to Build Sticky Faith in Your Grandkids” an article that shows […]

Connected, Session 1 (Connected in Christ): All Additional Resources


  Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session: Bible Studies For Life: Adults—He’ll Come Running Bible Studies For Life: Adults (KJV)—Meaningful Ministry to Those Who Can’t Attend Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults—He’ll Come Running Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults—All Excuses Ceasing Ronnie Floyd’s blog post, Connecting in […]

Connected Session 1(Connected in Christ): Discussion Option for Men’s groups.


Share the following story: “A member of a certain church, who previously had been attending services regularly, stopped going.  After a few weeks, the pastor decided to visit him.  It was a chilly evening.  The pastor found the man at home alone, sitting before a blazing fire. Guessing the reason for his pastor’s visit, the […]