Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Optional Activity for Collegiates


As group members arrive: Post the following question somewhere your whole group can see: What is your go-to place in God’s Word that keeps you centered? When your group arrives for Bible study, have background music playing and some coffee or snacks available. As your group members mingle, ask them to text you the answer […]

Storm Shelter, Session 3 (The Shelter of God’s Forgiveness) Extra Activity for Collegiates


Before the gathering: Acquire enough Post-it Easel Pad Tear Off Sheets to place around your room for you to divide your group into smaller groups of 3-4 college students. After studying David’s response to experiencing God’s forgiveness and living in that forgiveness, give each group another person from individual from Scripture that experienced God’s forgiveness. […]

Making Plans for Christmas, (Alternate Christmas Session – December 21, 2014): Extra Activity for Collegiates

  Listen to the song “Joseph’s Lullaby” by Mercy Me to close out your group time. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on Vimeo Joseph’s Lullaby by MercyMe from Nathan Duvall on Vimeo. Joseph shows extraordinary love for Mary by the way he responds to the news of her pregnancy […]

Storm Shelter, Session 2 (The Shelter of God’s Salvation): Extra Activity for Singles/College Students


To complement the discussion of our focal passage for this session, try this activity with your small group. Form groups of  3 or 4. This activity will give some of your group members that do not talk much an opportunity to contribute to a smaller group setting. Give each group a Post It Easel Pad piece […]

Storm Shelter, Session 1 (The Shelter of God’s Presence): Extra Activity for Collegiates


The reality is that all of us will face some significant storms in our lives. Some of these storms come so quickly and often out of nowhere. Knowing God is present in the midst of a storm is of vital importance. To start off this series with your college students, find someone in your church that has […]

Overcome, Session 6 (Overcome an Earthly Mindset): Introduction Activity for Collegiates


Show the following video, “The Story Behind the Song ‘Forgiveness’” If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch the video on YouTube   Ask your group if they have ever had to deal with an issue of extreme forgiveness. (Note that this could be a very sensitive issue for some and too […]

Overcome, Session 5 (Overcome Bitterness): Optional Activity for Collegiates


“Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.” – Corrie ten Boom Divide your members into groups of 3-4 people each. Point out the Corrie ten Boom quote on page 118 in the Personal Study Guide. Or, display the image on PowerPoint.* Within each small group, […]

Overcome, Session 4 (Overcome Hard Times): Optional Discussion for Collegiates/Young Adults

Ask, Do you consider yourself a long-term planner or a spur of the moment planner? Explain. If time allows, create two posters with the phrases “Long term” and “Spur of the moment” on each one. Post these somewhere visible on a wall in your meeting room. Invite group members to consider the question and indicate […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Optional Activity for College Students/Singles

Set of flat style female characters

In this week’s session, we discover that Joseph remained faithful to use the gifts God gave him even while he was imprisoned. Joseph was able to interpret dreams—and he gave all credit for this ability to God. Help your group members recognize their spiritual gifts with the brief spiritual gifts inventory found here: Send this […]

Overcome, Session 2 (Overcome Temptation): Optional Activity for Collegiates


“Temptations and America’s Favorite Sins,” released in January 2013 by the Barna Group, examines “the temptations Americans say they most commonly struggle with—and how they resolve to deal with these moral and ethical lures.” One area of their research uncovered how we respond in the face of temptation. Is Resistance Futile? “When facing a temptation, […]