Grades 1-6: God Made the Earth: Special Focus 2—Noah Worked Hard (March 1)

Scripture: Genesis 6:6–8:19 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Animal Tag          Tape (or plastic hoops) Create several circles on the floor with tape. Guide all kids to stand in a circle. (More than one kid can be in a circle.) Choose a kid to be It. It says: “Rabbit, hop to a new home.” All kids […]

Grades 1-6: God Made the Earth: Special Focus 1—Creation (May 31)

Scripture: Genesis 1:1–2:3 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Sort Words           Paper squares or cards with words, one per card: sun, moon, stars, grass, apple tree, daisy, elephant, parrot, armadillo, monkey, donkey, giraffe, goldfish, shark, whale, jellyfish, jonquil, sunflower, bluebird, mockingbird, ladybug, cricket, snake, alligator, cloud, lake, ocean, river, deer, dog, cow, horse, eggplant, oak, rock, […]

Grades 1-6: Being a Friend: Session 6—Ten Lepers (May 24)

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Wrap Up   Lengths of gauze Group kids into teams. Guide each team to choose one member to be wrapped. That player should stand at one end of the play area. The teams should line up on the other side of the play area, facing their teammate. On […]

Grades 1-6: Being a Friend: Session 5—Jesus’ Example (May 17)

Scripture: John 13:1-17 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Mirror, Mirror     No materials needed Group the kids into pairs. Tell kids to stand facing their partners. One kid of each pair should slowly move his arms, head, and legs. The other kid should act like a mirror and move in the same ways. After a […]

Grades 1-6: Being a Friend: Session 4—The Antioch Church (May 10)

Scripture: Acts 11:19-30 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Body Spelling      No materials needed Group kids into teams. Call out a related to the Bible story: “Need.” Guide teams to lie on the floor and spell out the word. Call other words such as church, food, help. Tell kids that these words are important words for […]

Grades 1-6: Being a Friend: Session 3—Jacob and Esau (May 3)

Scripture: Genesis 25:27-34; 27:1-45; 32:1-23; 33 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Switch Chairs      Chairs Place chairs in a circle. Guide kids to sit in the chairs. Make sure there are no empty chairs in the circle. Say: “If you have a brother, switch chairs.” All kids with a brother will stand and move to a […]

Grades 1-6: Being a Friend: Session 2—Esther (April 26)

Scripture: Esther 2:2-18; 4:5-17; 5:1-18; 7:10; 8:8-17 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Acrostic     Paper with PLAN written down the side (one per kid), pencils Guide kids to think about the word plan and write words or phrases about plan that start with each letter. Kids can work alone or with partners. After a minute or […]

Grades 1-6: Being a Friend: Session 1—The Good Samaritan (April 19)

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Heart Wall            Paper, scissors, markers, tape Guide kids to cut heart shapes. On each heart, they can write names or draw pictures of people who love them. Guide them to tape their hearts on a wall or bulletin board to make a “wall” of people who love […]

Preschool: Spring 2015: Special Focus 2: Noah (March 1)

1s & 2s—Make a Bird Feeder Bible Story: A Job for Noah Genesis 6:9–8:19 Life Point: God shows people what to do. Life Verse: Do what is good. Romans 12:9 Materials: Teaching Picture: “Noah,” yarn, O-shaped cereal, tape Cut yarn into 12-inch lengths. Tape around one end to keep it from raveling. Tape the other […]

Preschool: Spring 2015: Special Focus 1: God Made the Earth (May 31)

1s & 2s—Care for Pets Bible Story: God Made the Earth Genesis 1:1–2:3 Life Point: Thank God for the earth. Life Verse: Do what is good. Romans 12:9 Materials: small stuffed animals; pet care items such as food bowls, comb, empty pet food box Invite preschoolers to take care of the animals. Ask if anyone […]