Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Optional Activity for Collegiates


As group members arrive: Post the following question somewhere your whole group can see: What is your go-to place in God’s Word that keeps you centered? When your group arrives for Bible study, have background music playing and some coffee or snacks available. As your group members mingle, ask them to text you the answer […]

Storm Shelter Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Intro Option for Women’s groups


  After discussing Question 1 that asks, “When do you feel like ‘singing the blues’?” state we have an alternative for singing the blues. Show a short clip of Gene Kelly singing in the rain. If you don’t see the clip below,  click here to watch it on YouTube Start it at 1:00  and show it […]

Making Plans for Christmas: Live It Out Option for Men’s Groups

As an option to help you conclude this session, comment that the gospels are silent on the childhood events of Jesus’ life, with the exception of one reference found in Luke 2 when Jesus was 12 years old. The occasion was after the Passover celebration when Jesus stayed behind at the temple in Jerusalem. It […]

Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Enouragement): Live It Out Option for Men’s Groups


As an option to the Live it Out section of this lesson, share that people with prolonged depression often struggle with two damaging attitudes that are interrelated: (1) they have a loss of self-respect and (2) they can be very self-conscious about what others think. Comment that if this applies to you, accept who you […]

Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Live It Out option for Parent’s groups


Discuss the following article about the restrictions placed on feeding the homeless in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and two pastors that were recently charged with violating the ordinances: Florida city restricts feeding the homeless in public places   How were the volunteers and pastors encouraging those who were homeless? How do we discuss a story like […]

Storm Shelter, Session 3 (The Shelter of God’s Forgiveness): Intro Option for Parent’s groups


Play the following clip as class members arrive. If you don’t see the clip, click here to watch on YouTube: Ask: Do you know for certain, you are right in your relationship with God? How does that knowledge affect your daily life? How does it affect your parenting and relationship with your children? Substitute […]

Making Plans for Christmas, Live It Out option for Parent’s groups

xmas family service project_feat

Jesus came to draw all people to the Father through Himself. In what ways do your Christmas plans celebrate the purpose of Jesus’ birth? This year, consider a family project that may change someone’s eternity for Christmas this year. Gather family and friends together to bake cookies, decorate ornaments or put together small gifts. Then, […]

Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Additional Questions


The Point: God encourages me when I feel overwhelmed. Opening Question 1. In what kinds of situations do senior adults battle feelings of being overwhelmed? 2. What happens to a body when it gets dehydrated? How does a soul get dehydrated?” 3. In what season of your life were you most desperate for encouragement? 4. […]

Storm Shelter, Session 3 (The Shelter of God’s Forgiveness): Additional Questions

The Point: God’s forgiveness brings restoration and joy. Opening Question In what ways are our unforgiven sins like a heavy weight we must carry? What is the heaviest weight you carry on a regular basis? When do you most feel the sensation of absolute relief? (this could also go with Psalm 32:1-2) What recharges you? What […]

Making Plans for Christmas Optional Plan for Live It Out for Singles Groups

Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies

Trash the Tradition Christmas is all about Tradition. We come together year after year and light the same candle, sing the same song, open the same gifts and read the night before Christmas.  Let’s take a take a break from at least one tradition in order to do something different. If God’s plan for Christmas […]