Preschool: Summer 2015: Special Focus: Lydia and Paul (August 30)

1s & 2s—“Type” on a Keyboard Bible Story: Lydia and Paul Acts 16:11-15   Life Point: Tell about Jesus. Bible Verse: Lydia learned about Jesus. Acts 16:14 Materials: Teaching Picture 13, old computer keyboard Display the Teaching Picture near the keyboard. Invite a preschooler to “type” on the keyboard. Comment that people use a keyboard […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 2: Session 6: The Church Began (August 23)

1s & 2s—Build a Church Bible Story: The Church Began Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 2 Life Point: The church helps people. Life Verse: The church people helped each other. Acts 2:45 Materials: Teaching Picture 12, cardboard blocks, pictorial directory or pictures of church helpers Lay the pictures with the blocks. Invite preschoolers to build a church […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 2: Session 5: Jesus Loved Mary and Martha/Thomas Believed (August 16)

1s & 2s—Make a Friends Book Bible Story: Jesus Loved Mary and Martha Luke 10:38-42 Life Point: Love Jesus. Bible Verse: Love one another. 1 John 4:7 Materials: Teaching Picture 11, white construction paper, pictures of preschoolers and teachers in your class, glue stick, marker, hole punch, binder rings Print FRIENDS on one paper to […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 2: Session 4: Jesus Read the Scroll (August 9)

1s & 2s—Find the Bible Bible Story: Jesus Read the Bible Luke 4:16-22 Life Point: The Bible helps people know what to do. Bible Verse: Jesus read the Bible at church. Luke 4:16 Materials: Teaching Picture 10, Read to Me Bible for Kids, “Weekly Bible Verse Marker” (Pack Item 14), box or dishpan, pop beads […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 2: Session 3: Jesus Taught About Prayer (August 2)

1s & 2s—Make a Door Hanger Bible Story: Jesus Taught About Prayer Matthew 4:23-25; 5:1-2; 6:5-13 Life Point: God wants people to talk to Him. Life Verse: Talk to God. Matthew 6:6 Materials: Teaching Picture 9, construction paper, hole punch, yarn, colorful stickers, adhesive labels with the Bible Verse Cut the construction paper into 4-by-9-inch […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 2: Session 2: Jesus Talked to a Woman (July 26)

1s & 2s— Make a People Collage Bible Story: The Woman at the Well John 4:1-30 Life Point: Jesus wants people to love Him. Bible Verse: Jesus asked the woman for water. John 4:7 Materials: Teaching Picture 8, pictures of people cut out of magazine, glue sticks, long piece of paper, tape, basket Tape the […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 2: Session 1: Jesus’ Family Went to the Temple (July 19)

1s & 2s— Walk Figures in Sand Bible Story: Jesus Went to Church Luke 2:41-52 Life Point: People can learn about God at church. Bible Verse: Jesus went to church. Luke 2:42 Materials: Teaching Picture 7, plastic people figures, large container of play sand, drop cloth Place the container of sand on a drop cloth […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 1: Session 6: Samuel’s Birth and Calling (July 12)

1s & 2s— Sort Big/Little Feet Bible Story: Samuel 1 Samuel 1:1–3:21 Life Point: God wants people to help others. Bible Verse: Samuel grew. 1 Samuel 2:26 Materials: Teaching Picture 6, paper foot shapes of different sizes, 2 shoe boxes Place the Teaching Picture, foot shapes, and boxes on the floor or a low table. […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 1: Session 5: Hannah Prayed (July 5)

1s & 2s—Shine Flashlights Bible Story: Hannah Prayed 1 Samuel 1:1-20   Life Point: People are special to God. Bible Verse: Hannah prayed to God. 1 Samuel 1:12 Materials: Teaching Picture 5, flashlights Tape the Teaching Picture to the wall at a preschooler’s eye level. Show a preschooler how to shine the light on the picture […]

Preschool: Summer 2015: Unit 1: Session 4: Deborah and Barak (June 28)

1s & 2s—Trace and Decorate Hands Bible Story: Deborah Judges 4 Life Point: People should make good choices. Bible Verse: God helps me. Psalm 46:1 Materials: Teaching Picture 4, paper, pencil, crayons Before the session, print God helps me across the top of each paper. Trace around a preschooler’s hands onto a paper. Encourage her […]