6 Ways to Win on the School Campus


For student ministries across the country the season is changing. Busy summers are turning into, what I hope, is an even busier fall. Not because of the amount of events or travel time — and not busier just for the sake of busyness. No one wants that. Instead, your fall season should be busier because of […]

5 Ways to Prepare Now for the Fall


Summers go by quickly in the student ministry world and it seems they get shorter each year. As summer approaches its end, fall looms in the distance. You know the fall season will be busy. You know it’s a critical season as students return to school, regular schedules begin, and your ministry enters into a […]

A Long-Term Approach to Discipleship


Discipleship doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that happens over a lifetime. In student ministry, you are one part of that discipleship process. For some, it will be the beginning of that process as students place their faith in Jesus. For others, you will help them continue their discipleship journey. There will also be […]

Senioritis: Guiding Your Graduates through Their Last Student Ministry Summer


The school year is coming to an end and behind it comes one of the busiest seasons of student ministry: the summer. The calendar is full, the ministry and relationship building opportunities are many, and you are ready to have a great summer. But, before you launch fully into the summer, stop and think about […]

Student Leaders: Do You Have a Wise Discipleship Plan?


The window of discipleship opportunity that we have is short. In yesterday’s post we considered the thought that students only spend, on average, two days per year in a small group. Because of this, we must maximize each moment and one of the prime ways to do that is to have a wise discipleship plan. Your small […]

Surviving Discouragement: Student Involvement


What are some of your biggest discouragements in student ministry? A youth ministry student at Liberty University asked me that question last week. I thought it was a wise question for someone to ask at the beginning of his student ministry journey. My answer was, “when it seems like students just aren’t getting it.” There […]

Surviving Discouragement: Numbers


As I talk to student pastors about the discouragements they face, the issue of numbers seems to rise to the top for many—specifically, the pressure related to ministry attendance or some other number related mark. I’ve seen numbers related pressure wreck people. I’ve seen it become the excuse for some to walk away from the […]

3 Ways to Build a Relationship with Parents


The relationship that you are able to build with your student’s family, especially the parents, will have a profound impact on your ministry. The reality is that parents are called to be the primary disciplers of their children. What you do as a student pastor or ministry leader should be in partnership with them. If […]

Healthy Student Ministries are Culture Shaping


Ben Trueblood, Director of Student Ministry for LifeWay Christian Resources, recently wrote a blog about healthy student ministries being culture shaping. He wrote, “When you look throughout Scripture and church history, you see the Lord using young people to shape the culture.” Challenge your students to be influencers of, rather than influenced by, their culture. […]

3 Ways to Find New Leaders for Groups


In my previous assignment in ministry I had the privilege to serve as the Spiritual Formation Pastor. This role was much like a Small Groups Pastor or Minister of Education role. One of my main assignments was to grow our groups ministry quickly but with a solid foundation that would help future growth and discipleship […]