Kids Grade 1-6 Extra (Winter 2015-16)

Unit 1: Living to Love Session 1: God’s Promise Through the Prophets (December 6) – Weekly Overview Session 2: Mary Visited Elizabeth (December 13) – Weekly Overview Session 3: Jesus Was Born (December 20) – Weekly Overview Session 4: Wise Men Visited Jesus (December 27) – Weekly Overview Session 5: Stephen Preached (January 3) – Weekly Overview Session 6: The Church Sent Help (January 10) – Weekly […]

Preschool Extra (Winter 2015-16)

Unit 1: Live and Love Session 1: Isaiah Told About Jesus (December 6) – Weekly Overview Session 2: Mary Visited Elizabeth (December 13) – Weekly Overview Session 3: Jesus Was Born (December 20) – Weekly Overview Session 4: Wise Men Visited Jesus (December 27) – Weekly Overview Session 5: Paul Taught About Jesus (January 3) – Weekly Overview Session 6: […]

Grades 1-6: More Like Jesus: Session 6–Jesus Fed 5,000 (February 28)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Flatbread Materials: flatbread Guide kids to sit on the floor. Tear flatbread and taste with the kids. As they eat, talk about the bread. Tell kids that people in today’s Bible story needed bread to eat. Live It Out Game – Find the Question Materials: green paper square with ? […]

Grades 1-6: More Like Jesus: Session 5–Jesus Calmed the Storm (February 21)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Book Blow Materials: paper squares, marker, box fan Print the names of the books of the New Testament on paper squares, one per square. Set the box fan near the play area. Tell kids to stand outside the play area. Turn on the fan and drop the paper squares in […]

Grades 1-6: More Like Jesus: Session 4–Jesus Called the Disciples (February 14)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Capture Fish Materials: tissue paper, scissors, masking tape, paper plates Cut large fish shapes from tissue paper. Use tape to create a large rectangle on the floor at one end of the play area. Tape a start line at the other end of the play area. Guide a kid to […]

Grades 1-6: More Like Jesus: Session 3–Jesus Was Tempted (February 7)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Making Choices Pictures Materials: pictures from magazines or found online that show people in different situations; paper and pencils Display pictures of different situations. Guide kids to look at one of the pictures and write or draw choices they would make in the depicted situation. You can give each kid […]

Grades 1-6: More Like Jesus: Session 2–John the Baptist and Jesus’ Baptism (January 31)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Letter Scramble Materials: paper squares (5 different colors of squares), marker, music CD Print the letters of the word honor on paper squares, one letter per square. Make several sets of the word on each color, enough for every kid to have a letter. Give each kid a square. Play […]

Grades 1-6: More Like Jesus: Session 1–Jesus at the Temple (January 24)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Church Actions Search Materials: church newsletters, bulletins, or other printed (or online) information about your church; pencils; paper Guide kids to look through the information about your church. Tell them to look for words and phrases that describe or tell things that people do at your church. They can make […]

Grades 1-6: Praying for People: Special Focus–The Church Prayed for Peter (January 17)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Communication Materials: pencil, stone, megaphone, flashlight, scissors, whistle Show each item in turn to the kids. Ask: “How can you use this to communicate with someone? Think of as many different ways as you can.” Tell kids to discuss their ideas with partners nearby. Then call for answers. Think of […]

Grades 1-6: Living to Love: Session 6–The Church Sent Help (January 10)

Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Food Box Puzzles Materials: empty food boxes, scissors Cut the fronts from empty food boxes. Use cereal boxes, cracker boxes, and other boxes that kids will recognize. Cut each box front into several pieces. To make the activity simpler, keep each puzzle separate. To make it more challenging, mix the […]