Updated Scope and Sequence for Kids and Preschool


In order to offer the best scope and sequence possible for kids and preschoolers, we’ve been working hard around here to provide some great updates. We’ve heard from our customers who have asked for more session alignment where kids would not study the Old Testament one week and the New Testament the next. Kids and [...]

In Action: Teaching About the Tabernacle


Most of you will have just finished the third session on the tabernacle. Since I have been at LifeWay we have had quite a few requests for a full unit on the tabernacle. We didn’t have a full unit, but we did have three full sessions. While everyone didn’t like so many sessions on the [...]

Bible Studies For Life: Kids Family App

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Have you tried the Bible Studies For Life: Kids Family App? It’s a great way to start meaningful conversations with kids. The App is packed with activities that kids will enjoy playing and have conversation starter ideas for every lesson. Kids today love media and this App isn’t short on anything media related. It has [...]

Using Games to Teach


By Jeff Land Team Leader, Bible Studies for Life: Kids   I love to play games. The kids in my class at church love to play games too. Recently I was visiting with a Bible study leader who scolded me a little bit for having games in the Bible Studies For Life: Kids curriculum. He [...]

5 Reasons Kids Need Bible Skills

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 I love teaching kids how to use their Bibles. I remember my own experience with learning how to use my Bible. I grew up as a Bible Driller. Many of you might still have Bible Drill teams in your churches, but my guess is that most of us don’t. For some reason, learning Bible Skills [...]

A Lesson on Evangelism from My 6-Year-Old

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My son, Reed, has always been spiritually sensitive. He has been asking questions about God for almost as long as he could talk. He recently asked Christ to be his Savior and has proudly told people that he is a Christian. This week, our church suffered the loss of one of our young members. Her [...]

New Enhancements Coming for 2014!

We have some great enhancements in store for Bible Studies For Life: Kids and Bible Studies For Life: Preschool in 2014.  You’ll find dates added, devotional connections, music organized for easy use, and more! Check out the video below to learn why these enhancements are important and see what’s coming your way.          

Check Out These Bible Studies For Life: Kids Enhancements

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 By now you’ve received your Winter curriculum order and have probably begun to teach the new lessons. I love getting my new curriculum for the class that I teach at my church. You probably didn’t notice a lot of changes in the Winter curriculum, but boy are we excited about some enhancements that we are [...]

Christmas Sessions, Thanksgiving Extra, and a Few Good Posts


Hi All, Thanks for checking in. Today, I wanted to give you a few updates and maybe a couple of other ideas. We are working hard to make sure that Bible Studies For Life: Kids is the curriculum that you love to use! Change is hard and there have definitely been some growing pains, but [...]

Changes in Bible Studies For Life: Kids


I’ve heard it said, and I’m sure you have as well, that hindsight is 20/20. I think that we live and we learn. It’s easy to get caught up in the conundrum of life and forget to make sure that everyone is on the same playing field. So this is a post that probably should [...]