Help! What do I do If I Don’t Have All the Answers?


  As teachers and ministers we’re supposed to have the answers, right? While that’s certainly an ambitious goal to have, it’s not true to life. Furthermore, the problem with the “only ask questions with straight-forward answers” mentality of leadership is that it holds little water for young adults. They know better than to assume life […]

Overcome, Session 3: Hope for the Barren Heart


In the bleak mid-winter of your soul, God plants a garden of faith. by Aaron Householder Fear is natural. Faith is supernatural. When we don’t understand and can’t overcome, we react in fear. It’s a natural response of humanity. Our fear may paralyze us in depression or indecision. Or our fear may motivate us to […]

How Do I Lead a Group with Differing Levels of Spiritual Maturity?


Excerpt from Context: Engaging the Young Adults of Your Community, Session 3 “Community” (Nashville, LifeWay Press, 2009), 19. This resource is available as a FREE ebook download. Click here to get the book!     Help! Our group is diverse. We have all levels of spiritual maturity. How can I prepare and lead the discussion to engage […]

Young Adults: Make Sure Fun is On Your Summer Schedule

summer fun_feat

by Jim Johnston It’s almost summer and you may be planning what’s going to happen in the young adult ministry in your church this fall. You may be totally focused on all matters of high spiritual value. Let me give you one word of advice: build in some fun. Here’s why: The people you are […]

5 Rules for Using Online Tools in Young Adult Ministry


Social networking can be a powerful tool for building community in your young adult ministry. The Internet continues to push the limits of what ministries are able to do online, which is a wonderful thing. It can also be a bit overwhelming, with hundreds of social networking sites available now and increasing daily. With all of […]

Promotional Videos for “Productive” and “Let Hope In”


   You asked for it, you got it. While these videos have been available on our YouTube channel for some time, many of you have asked for a downloadable version on the blog. So without further ado… Click on the images  to download the “Productive” and “Let Hope In” videos. Blessings!  

Tuesday is For Tips: What’s the most effective way to do evangelism with young adults?


The simple truth of the gospel does not change—Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died as a sacrifice so that we might be put in right relationship with God. Though this truth is timeless, we must always evaluate the presentation of that truth to make sure it’s connecting in a culturally relevant way. There are […]

3 Ways to Deepen Your Young Adult Bible Study

Kiddie pools are for kids. Young adults are looking to dive in, head first, to all the hard-to-talk-about topics, tough questions, and thought-provoking Scriptures. Meeting this need requires preparation. Beyond the actual discussion, here are a few practical steps you can take to create a culture of depth surrounding your Bible study time. Environment matters. […]