Like No Other, Session 4 (Teaching Like No Other): Introduction Option for Women

To begin this session, lead women to reflect on their favorite teacher they had as children. If time and technology permit, show this video of children’s responses when they were asked about their favorite teacher (if you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on YouTube). Now, ask “Who is your child’s favorite […]

Like No Other, Session 2 (A Birth Like No Other): Introduction Option for Women

If there’s one thing Pinterest and Facebook are good for, it’s making you feel like you are less creative and hip then everyone else in the world. Especially when it comes to birth announcements. Ask the ladies in the class to reflect back on how (or if) they let their friends know they were expecting. […]

Like No Other, Session 1 (Promised Like No Other): Introduction option for women

To begin this session, explain that the following video is from a YouTube channel called “Dude Panel.” Watch how the “host dude” answers a question that was sent in: “Why can’t men keep their promises?” If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch on YouTube: Allow the women  in your group to […]

Ready, Session 6 (Ready When Pornography Controls): Live It Out Option for Women’s groups

As the ladies discuss Question 5, How can we help a family member or friend who is struggling with pornography? invite and promote practical suggestions including ways to control what can be viewed on the computer and television. Remind the ladies that the greatest way to be ready to minister when pornography controls is to […]

Ready, Session 5 (Ready When Homosexuality Devastates): Live It Out? Option for Women’s groups

If the idea of leading a Bible study on homosexuality causes you to tremble with fear and trepidation, you’re in good company. Most likely every single ladies’ Bible study teacher has women in her class who are either struggling with same-sex attraction, have been devastated by husbands who have left them for a homosexual lifestyle, […]

Ready, Session 4 (Ready When Sex Destroys): Intro Option for Women’s groups

Show a short clip of a fashion show. This one is about 14 minutes long, so show just enough for them to get the idea. If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch on YouTube After viewing a few of the models on the runway ask: Would you really want to look […]

Ready Session 3 (Ready When Sickness Comes to Stay): Live It Out Option for Women’s groups

As the ladies discuss Question 5: When sickness comes to stay, what can we do to express God’s love without being trite? point out that actions rather than words may be the best way to express God’s love. A young woman whose third child was born with a chronic medical condition describes ways others have […]

Ready, Session 2 (Ready to Help the Poor): Live It Out Option for Women’s groups

   Women really can be instruments of change and generously demonstrate God’s heart for the poor. Show the clip Spearhead Change, 58: The Film. If the link does not display below click here to view on (may not be viewable on Apple portable devices).   Discuss: How is this woman evidence God can use believers […]

Ready, Session 1 (Ready When Injustice Prevails): Live It Out Option for Women’s groups

One of the big news stories of 2014 was the kidnapping of 300 Nigerian girls from their school on April 15, 2014 by Boko Haram, an Islamic militant group violently opposed to Western culture, including education for girls. An online slideshow of images can be found by clicking here: You can read more by clicking here: […]

Storm Shelter, Session 6 (The Shelter of God’s Protection): Live It Out Option for Women’s groups

Ask: What are some of your greatest fears? We all have big “if’s” in our lives that can paralyze us into modes of fearful self-preservation. Many times (most of the time) our greatest fears are never realized. However, women are well aware that bad things happen to God’s people. So how are women to express […]