Ready,Session 6 (Ready When Pornography Controls): Introduction Option for Singles

As a group, watch this brief testimony from a pastor sharing his story about giving in to sexual temptation. If you don’t see the clip above, click here to watch on (may not be viewable on Apple portable devices). a movie clip that gives a brief testimony from a pastor about his story on […]

Ready, Session 5 (Ready When Homosexuality Devastates): Optional Introduction for Singles

  Substitute the following question for Question #1 in the Personal Study Guide – What do you think the Bible says about homosexuality?  What should our response be to those we love who are in homosexual relationships? Scripture is clear in regards to Homosexuality.  Focus on the Family recently published a book called, Loving my (LGBT) […]

Ready, Session 4 (Ready When Sex Destroys): Live It Out Option for Singles, Collegiates

  How can you apply these verses in your own life? Well, I like to think of it as, “don’t just sit there DO SOMETHING!” So you can use the acrostic ACT to help you remember. A – Accountability – Find a friend that will hold you accountable to those areas of your life that […]

Ready, Session 3 (Ready When Sickness Comes Stay): Introduction Option for Single Groups or Classes

Bethany Hamilton grew up surfing on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.   At age five she chose to follow Jesus.  When she was thirteen, a fourteen –foot tiger shark attacked her, and severed her arm.  Bethany returned surfing a month later.  A year later, despite her disability, she won her first national title. Bethany says, “It […]

Ready, Session 2 (Ready to Help the Poor): Live It Out Option for College and Career/ Singles

Supplement or replace the Live It Out options in the Personal Study Guide with these ideas. If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch on YouTube GO HUNGRY! Put yourself at least for one day in someone else’s shoes. World Vision has created an experience that you as a group can together […]

Ready, Session 1 (Ready When Injustice Prevails): Introduction Option for Singles and Collegiates

Begin the session by watching the following clip from the ENDIT Movement. If you don’t see the clip below, click here to watch on YouTube Since the Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, modern Americans would conclude that slavery is illegal, and therefore does not exist.   Yet as of […]

Making Plans for Christmas Optional Plan for Live It Out for Singles Groups

Trash the Tradition Christmas is all about Tradition. We come together year after year and light the same candle, sing the same song, open the same gifts and read the night before Christmas.  Let’s take a take a break from at least one tradition in order to do something different. If God’s plan for Christmas […]

Overcome, Session 4 (Overcome Hard Times): Optional Discussion for Collegiates/Young Adults

Ask, Do you consider yourself a long-term planner or a spur of the moment planner? Explain. If time allows, create two posters with the phrases “Long term” and “Spur of the moment” on each one. Post these somewhere visible on a wall in your meeting room. Invite group members to consider the question and indicate […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Optional Activity for College Students/Singles

In this week’s session, we discover that Joseph remained faithful to use the gifts God gave him even while he was imprisoned. Joseph was able to interpret dreams—and he gave all credit for this ability to God. Help your group members recognize their spiritual gifts with the brief spiritual gifts inventory found here: Send this […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): All Additional Resources

  Here are two songs from LifeWay worship that have been selected to go along with the Connected study. They can both be found on BSFL Songs Volume 1: “This is Our Prayer” ties to the 2nd session on Ephesians 4:1-6 “Speak Through Me” ties to the 4th session on  Ephesians 4:25-32. Here are the magazine articles that […]